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vulnerability included physical as well as mental health and PTSD. The ndings suggest that extremely traumatic events have long-lasting effects on the victims. Men who survived demonstrated a higher prevalence of PTSD, whereas women reported greater health-related dif culties and poorer health (Wagner, Wolfe, Rotnitsky, Proctor, & Ericson, 2000). In line with the former ndings, Falger et al. (1992) found among 147 Dutch World War II resistance veterans the highest scores on cardiovascular disease (i.e., angina pectoris, Type A behavior, life stressors, and vital exhaustion) compared to age-matched patients with myocardial infarction and patients who underwent surgery. Moreover, veterans diagnosed with PTSD reported more risk factors. Eberly and Engdahl (1991) analyzed medical and psychiatric data for American former prisoners of war (World War II and Korean War). In comparison with the general population, PTSD prevalence rates were greatly elevated, whereas lifetime prevalence rates of depressive disorders were only moderately increased. However, the authors did not nd evidence for generally higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, myocardial infarction, alcoholism, and other psychiatric disorders. Within the study group, those former prisoners who had suffered massive weight loss demonstrated a greater number of psychiatric disorders than their comrades. More evidence for the long-term effects of trauma comes from a study by Desivilya, Gal, and Ayalon (1996), who investigated the effects of early trauma in adolescence for victims mental health and adaptation in later life. The critical incident took place in 1974 in a small town close to the border of Israel and Lebanon, when hundreds of hostages were taken during a terrorist attack, most of them adolescents. Participants in the study displayed signi cantly more health problems 17 years later than the nontraumatized individuals in the control group. Also, survivors of the early traumatic event later showed greater vulnerability to psychological dif culties when Israel was attacked by Iraqi Scud missiles in 1991 (see also Ben-Zur & Zeidner, 1991; Zeidner & Hammer, 1992). As the authors conclude, the scars of the event remained for a lifetime. These studies, together with other empirical evidence on the effects of traumatic events, underline the importance of long-term observation of health outcomes in traumatized individuals in facilitating appropriate intervention and rehabilitation programs beyond acute needs for help. Conjugal Loss and Bereavement Experiencing loss is one of the major factors in the explanation of stress reactions. According to Hobfoll s (1989, 1998) conservation of resources (COR) theory, the threat or the
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The Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy Goal
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behavioral therapy Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 63, 356 360. Albee, G. W., & Gullotta, T. P. (Eds.). (1997). Primary prevention works. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage. Albee, G. W., & Perry, M. (1996). Are we preventing diseases or promoting competencies Journal of Mental Health, 5, 421 422. Alcoholics Anonymous. (1990). Comments on AA s triennial surveys. New York: Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. Allen, G. J., Nelson, W. J., & Sheckley, B. G. (1987). Continuing education activities of Connecticut psychologists. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 18, 78 80. Allison, J., Blatt, S. J., & Zimet, C. N. (1968). The interpretation of psychological tests. New York: Harper & Row. American Cancer Society. (1989). Cancer facts and figures 1989. Atlanta, GA: Author. American Cancer Society. (1996). Cancer facts and figures 1996. Atlanta, GA: Author. American Cancer Society. (1997). Cancer facts and figures 1997. Atlanta, GA: Author. American Cancer Society. (2000). Cancer facts and figures 2000. Retrieved October 15, 2003 from American Heart Association. (2001). 2001 heart and stroke statistical update. Dallas, TX: Author. American Humane Association. (1984). Highlights of official child abuse and neglect reporting 1982. Denver, CO: Author. American Medical Association. (1984). Proceedings of the house of delegates of the American Medical Association. Chicago: Author. American Medical Association. (2001). The Columbia encyclopedia (6th ed.). New York: Author. American Psychiatric Association. (2000). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed., Text Rev.). Washington, DC: Author. American Psychiatric Association. (2003). APA scope of practice: Psychologists prescribing legislation. Washington, DC: Author.
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newer techniques that has made possible new insights into how attention is allocated to different tasks and how attentional processes may become modified with skill learning and the acquisition of expertise. AUTOMATIC PROCESSES IN SKILL LEARNING AND EXPERT PERFORMANCE In this section, we examine the key concepts, investigative methods, findings, and theorizing pertaining to the issue of automatic and associated processing in skill learning and expert performance, drawing on evidence from an array of sources. Controlled and Automatic Processing Experience, observation, and conventional wisdom inform us that skill execution can sometimes require great effort and concentration, but at other times seems almost effortless. These observations essentially reflect the distinctions made, respectively, between controlled and automatic processing (Schneider & Shiffrin, 1977). Controlled processing ref lects conscious efforts to appraise incoming information and select a suitable response. Under controlled processing, information is processed more or less serially; as a consequence, processing of this type tends to be slow, particularly when environmental cues and possible responses are numerous (Ackerman, 1988). Controlled processing is mediated by the actions of working memory, a modular cognitive construct that is thought to be at the heart of conscious attentional processes (Baddeley, 1999). In contrast, automatic processing takes place unconsciously and is associated with fluent movement production (Salmoni, 1989), apparent effortlessness, resistance to disruption (e.g., Abrams & Reber, 1988; Maxwell, Masters, & Eves, 2003), reduced physiological cost (Vereijken, van Emmerik, Whiting, & Newell, 1992), and less reliance on attentional resources (Curran & Keele, 1993; Schneider, Dumais, & Shiffrin, 1985), particularly those of working memory (Schmidt & Wrisberg, 2004). Most, if not all, sport skills are performed with contributions from both controlled and automatic processes, rather than one process exclusively. As we shall see, the respective contributions depend both on skill level or stage of learning and on the nature and constraints of the task (see Anson, Elliot, & Davids, 2005; Bernstein, 1996). Assuming that controlled processing, but not automatic processing, relies heavily on the availability of a limited-capacity attentional resource (i.e., working memory), it follows that skilled performance depends on either efficient allocation of conscious attentional resources or automatization of certain subcom-
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What if you have a long page, such as a FAQ, which by all the chunking rules you know you shouldn t break up into more than one page, perhaps because people will want to print it How can you link to the middle of a page You create a named anchor. A named anchor is simply a point on the page to which you can link directly.
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For systems engineers, most of the RFCs do not need to be studied. However, for a basic understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite, three RFCs must be read. Therefore, in the spirit of the RFC action words, you MUST read RFCs 1122, 1123, and 1812 before being able to state that you understand the TCP/IP protocol suite. There are many RFCs, but the majority can be summed up in those three RFCs. The reading is not difficult, and many things are explained.
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Command-Line Roomba Driving
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2.3: recommendGroups(PersonID,Scope,Type):GroupOrderedList
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