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Theoretical Models, Topics, and Issues
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FIGURE 7.14 A homodyne conversion structure.
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On-chip ESD elements have capacitance values of a magnitude to serve as capacitor passive elements. On the contrary, ESD elements typically have low inductance. Hence an ESD design method be the substitution of capacitor passive elements for ESD elements. An RF ESD method of substitution of passives for ESD elements with the constraint of equivalent capacitance can be as follows [10]:  Full Substitution With Total Capacitance Constraint: A passive capacitor element can be replaced by an ESD element, where in the substitution process, the size of the ESD element is equal to that of the capacitance element at the same d.c. bias condition (Figure 2.5).  Partial Substitution With Total Capacitance Constraint: An ESD element is placed in parallel to the passive capacitor element, where the substitution of the new capacitor and the ESD element is equal to the initial passive capacitor element. The nal capacitance at the bias voltage is equal to the original capacitance of the initial passive element (Figure 2.6). In some application, a higher concern is the quality factor that is more important for the RF design metric. In this case, the substitution process is established under the constraint of an equivalent quality factor. Typically, ESD element quality factors are less ideal elements, hence the substitution can impact the total quality factor. Therefore, an ESD design method can be the substitution of capacitor passive elements for ESD elements where the sizes are determined on the quality factor and not on the total capacitance. An RF ESD method of
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hope for psychology and its applications just after World War II. The 1970 volume seems to be in a place-holding position. Many of the names that will make a difference in the late twentieth century appear, but no discernible theme is apparent. There is also some philosophical speculation, strangely out of place, written by both philosophers and psychologists with a charming disregard of past or present evidence. The best summary of the dilemma of the eld was provided by Madison Bentley in the 1928 volume. He knew then what many psychologists still fail to accept today, that there is no commonly or even super cially acceptable de nition of what a psychology of emotion is about. And he concludes: Whether emotion is today more than the heading of a chapter, I am still doubtful.
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other hand, overstaf ng requires the ful llment of adaptive measures to maintain the functioning, such as increasing the size of the setting. Behavior settings and staf ng theory are helpful tools to solve environmental design problems and to improve the functioning of environments. Barker s approach has been applied successfully to the analyses of work environments, schools, and small towns. It helps to document community life and enables the evaluation of the structure of organizations in terms of ef ciency and responsibility. Affordance Theory Gibson (1979) argued that, contrary to the orthodox view held in the design professions, people do not see form and shape when perceiving a place. Rather, the environment can be seen as offering a set of affordances; that is, the environment is assessed in terms of what it can do for us. The design professions are typically taught that the building blocks of perception comprise shape, color, and form. This stems from the view that architecture and landscape architecture are often taught as visual arts rather than as ways of providing functional space in which people can work, live, and engage in recreation. Gibson argues that the affordances of the environment are what it offers the animal, what it provides or furnishes either for good or ill (p. 127). Affordances are ecological resources from a functional point of view. They are an objectively speci able and psychologically meaningful taxonomy of the environment. The environment offers opportunities for use and manipulation. How we use the environment as children, parents, or senior citizens will vary depending on our needs and interests, values, and aspirations. This perspective suggests that the degree to which built or natural environments are utilized changes as people s roles, relationships, and activities in the environment change. Therefore, the environment can be seen to have a developmental dimension to it. As people develop their cognitive, affective, and behavioral capacities, the resources that the environment offers change. Furthermore, the environment can be designed to facilitate, support, and encourage this. Heft (1988) argued that utilizing Gibson s theory of affordances allows us to describe environmental features in terms of their functional signi cance for an individual or group. He postulated that to arrive at a functional description of an environment, one requires three sorts of information: the characteristics of the person, the characteristics of the environment, and the behavior of the individual in question. Heft (1988) was interested in children s environment-behavior interactions, with the aim of creating a taxonomy that would describe the functionally signi cant properties of children s
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Clearly, while the PowerPoint presentation may stand as a testament to your superior research and computer presentation skills, it lacks something in its ability to inspire 60,000 people. Even if this were a baseball game, which, let s face it, can be as slow as molasses, a well-made PowerPoint slide is less interesting than the peanut guy every time. Clearly, how you communicate your vision how you connect with those around you directly affects the outcome, so all these approaches miss the point. The essence of a Wave, what makes it such a forceful expression of human desire, is that it is powered by a common passion to help the home team win. That value lives larger than any individual s actions and unites all the fans in the stadium. No one followed Krazy George s idea because they thought it was about George; a Wave is leadership, but the most important thing about a Wave is that you forget where it started Section 32 64 132 The fans followed because he got everybody enlisted, and when you get everybody enlisted, it doesn t matter where your Wave starts. It just goes. And no one followed Krazy George s idea because people booed (that was just a good-natured way of getting attention in a big stadium). They followed because they liked what he stood for and the way he banged his drum for it. To start one, then, you need to reach out to those around you, to share your vision with them, to enlist them in a common purpose. You must lead this Wave not by wielding formal authority, punitive power, or the threat of a small thermonuclear device under the stands, but with a touch of charisma. To get them to join you, you must be earnest and transparent, hold nothing back, and earn their trust. Hey! you might yell, charged with passion and commitment, lled with the unbridled emotion that you want to uncork in others. I ve got this idea! If we all stand up, wave our arms, and yell, I think it might help us win! Who doesn t want to win I like the Wave as metaphor because it is about what a diverse group of people can accomplish when united by a common vision. It illustrates the power that moves through a group of people when they perform at their best, their most unbridled and passionate. People often don t realize that there s a powerful way of accomplishing something a HOW that incorporates being transparent, being revelatory,
Reagents and Materials Nonsterile Two stainless steel wire hooks Custom organ bath Krebs-Henseleit solution (See Section 2.7) Endothelin-1 Acetylcholine Isometric force transducer Protocol (a) Mount 3-mm segments of engineered vessel between the two stainless steel wire hooks. (b) Suspend in custom organ bath containing 5 ml Krebs-Henseleit solution, which is gassed continuously with 95% O2 -5% CO2 at 37 C. (c) Fix one hook to the base of the organ chamber and connect the other hook to the isometric force transducer. (d) After 2 h of equilibration in the Krebs-Henseleit solution, add desired vasoactive agent in increasing concentrations from 1 10 9 M to 1 10 5 M. i) Smooth muscle cell contraction tests (vasoconstriction) may be conducted with endothelin-1 or, alternatively, histamine, bradykinin, angiotensin II, or norepinephrine. ii) Smooth muscle cell relaxation (vasodilation) may be elicited by either endothelium-dependent or -independent mechanisms. Endothelium-dependent SMC relaxation (via NO production) is tested with acetylcholine. Sodium nitroprusside induces endothelium-independent SMC relaxation. (e) Measure isometric forces in response to agent in increasing concentrations. (f) If testing with more than one vasoactive agent, rinse the vessel segments with Krebs-Henseleit solution and equilibrate for 30 min between tests.
Part II Installing and Configuring MythTV
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