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Miller, A., & Donohue, B. (2003). The development and controlled evaluation of athletic mental preparation strategies in high school distance runners. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 15, 321 334. Miller, P. S., & Kerr, G. A. (2002). Conceptualizing excellence: Past, present, and future. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 14, 140 153. Miller, S. C., Bredemeier, B. J. L., & Shields, D. L. L. (1997). Sociomoral education through physical education with at-risk children. Quest, 49, 114 129. Ming, S., & Martin, G. L. (1996). Single-subject evaluation of a self-talk package for improving figure skating performance. Sport Psychologist, 10, 227 238. Moore, W. E., & Stevenson, J. R. (1994). Training for trust in sport skills. Sport Psychologist, 8, 1 12. Morris, T., Alfermann, D., Lintunen, T., & Hall, H. (2003). Training and selection of sport psychologists: An international review. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 1, 139 154. Morris, T., Spittle, M., & Watt, A. P. (2005). Imagery in sport. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Murphy, G. M., Petitpas, A. J., & Brewer, B. W. (1996). Identity foreclosure, athletic identity, and career maturity in intercollegiate athletics. Sport Psychologist, 10, 239 246. Murphy, S. (Ed.). (2005). The sport psych handbook. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Murphy, S. M., & Martin, K. A. (2002). The use of imagery in sport. In T. S. Horn (Ed.), Advances in sport psychology (2nd ed., pp. 405 439). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Newburg, D., Kimiecik, J., Durand-Bush, N., & Doell, K. (2002). The role of resonance in performance excellence and life engagement. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 14, 249 267. Nicholls, A. R., Holt, N. L., & Polman, R. C. J. (2005). A phenomenological analysis of coping effectiveness in golf. Sport Psychologist, 19, 111 130. Nideffer, R. M. (1981). The ethics and practice of applied sport psychology. Ithaca, NY: Mouvement. Nideffer, R. M., DuFresne, P., Nesvig, D., & Selder, D. (1980). The future of applied sport psychology. Journal of Sport Psychology, 2, 170 174. Nideffer, R. M., Feltz, D. L., & Salmela, J. (1982). A rebuttal to Danish and Hale: A committee report. Journal of Sport Psychology, 4, 3 6. Nideffer, R. M., & Sagal, M. (2006). Applied sport psychology: Personal growth to peak performance (pp. 382 403). Boston: McGraw-Hill. Norlander, T., Bergman, H., & Archer, T. (1999). Primary process in competitive archery performance: Effects of flotation REST. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 11, 194 209.
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When you create a variable that stores string values, you have two types of information: string literal, which is comprised solely of words or characters from the alphabet; and numeric literal, data that contains numeric characters. You can use string literal data to dispense and retrieve text information. If you design a movie for a client who wants to password protect a site, you retrieve the password the user enters into an input text box and store the data in a variable. You can also use a string literal variable to store a person s name and display it when needed in a dynamic text box, a technique you were introduced to in the project in 7. When you see string literal data in ActionScript, it is surrounded by quotation marks; for example, customerName= Harry Smith , where customerName is the variable name and Harry Smith is the value of the variable. You can also create a new variable to combine (or concatenate as programmers refer to this) the contents of two or more variables. Listing 8-1 shows an example of this process in action.
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participants or in treatment implementation, relying perhaps on qualitative data from interviews or observations. This technique is analogous to the extreme case analysis employed by some qualitative researchers. Fourth, in cases in which multilevel modeling is appropriate (e.g., Bryk & Raudenbush, 1992), similar exploratory analyses can be carried out to assess whether higher order variables moderate the treatment effect. For example, in a reading-intensive math program introduced to some but not all classes within several schools, one might use school-level variables to probe for possible moderators (e.g., Seltzer, 1994). Fifth, techniques for classi cation can be applied in an exploratory fashion. For example, one might use background data on clients in a cluster analysis to see if distinct groups of program clients emerge. If different subtypes of clients are found, one would then conduct additional analyses to see whether the program has differential effects across the client categories. If differential effects are observed, this may in turn lead to new hypotheses about causal mechanisms. In these and numerous other ways, evaluators can attempt to discover possible variations in treatment effectiveness (see Mark, 2001, and Mark et al., 1998, for more speci c methods that can be used for discovery). Based on any observed variations in treatment effectiveness, the evaluator would also attempt to identify possible underlying mechanisms that would generate the discovered patterns of effects. This attempt to identify mechanisms that could account for the discovery might be carried out in conjunction with content area specialists and program staff and stakeholders, which may especially be important if the evaluator has limited content expertise. Of course, an evaluator could stop there. The evaluation report could describe the tests carried out to test the original hypothesis, and then describe the discovery-oriented tests and ndings, perhaps with caveats added that the latter work was exploratory and that the ndings should be treated as hypotheses that should subsequently be tested in future research. This approach, which may be suitable in basic research, is generally problematic in the context of evaluation. Decisions about a program usually cannot be deferred until after a second evaluation is nished. Indeed, resources may not be available for another major evaluation. In short, the conventional call for future research may be inadequate as a response to discoveries in the context of evaluation. In part, this is because it can be dif cult to persuade the consumers of evaluation reports to give the ndings of exploratory research the same degree of uncertainty that a researcher thinks is appropriate. The people who will use the evaluation are likely to generate explanatory accounts for any exploratory ndings, and these self-generated theories may in uence their subsequent actions.
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Based on ANSI/ EIA/ TIA-250C (Ref. 6). Also see CCIR Rec. 567-3 (Ref. 12).
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Figure 2.1 ESD design window for an ESD device (e.g., single state current voltage characteristic)
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KeepDynamic.com/barcode pdf417 Foreign Agent Considerations The foreign agent plays a mostly passive role in mobile IP registration. It relays registration requests between mobile nodes and home agents, and, when it provides the care-of address, decapsulates datagrams for delivery to the mobile node. It should also send periodic agent advertisement messages to advertise its presence, if not detectable by link layer means. A foreign agent must not transmit a registration request except when relaying a registration request received from a mobile node to the mobile node s home agent. A foreign agent must not transmit a registration reply except when relaying a registration reply received from a mobile node s home agent, or when replying to a registration request received from a mobile node in the case in which the foreign agent is denying service to the mobile node. In particular, a foreign agent must not generate a registration request or reply because a mobile node s registration lifetime has expired. A foreign agent also must not originate a registration request message that asks for deregistration of a mobile node; however, it must relay valid (de)registration requests originated by a mobile node. Each foreign agent must be configured with a care-of address. In addition, for each pending or current registration, the foreign agent must maintain a visitor list entry containing the following information obtained from the mobile node s registration request: The link layer source address of the mobile node The IP source address (the mobile node s home address) The IP destination address The UDP source port The home agent address The identification field The requested registration lifetime The remaining lifetime of the pending or current registration Home Agent Considerations Home agents play a reactive role in the registration process. The home agent receives registration requests from the mobile node (perhaps relayed by a foreign agent), updates its record of the mobility bindings for this mobile node, and issues a suitable registration reply in response to each. A home agent must not transmit a registration reply except when replying to a registration request received from a mobile node. In particular, the home agent must not generate a registration reply to indicate that the lifetime has expired. 25.3.6 Routing Considerations This section describes how mobile nodes, home agents, and (possibly) foreign agents cooperate to route datagrams to/from mobile nodes that are connected to a foreign network. The mobile node informs its home agent of its current location using the registration procedure described in the previous sections. Home agents and foreign agents must
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Environmental Psychology
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