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Key reference Walton, P., Ruxton, G.D. & Monaghan, P. (1998) Avian diving, respiratory physiology and the marginal value theorem. Animal Behaviour, 56, 165 74.
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# /bin/rm f /var/lib/rpm/__db* # /bin/fm f /var/lib/rpm/
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the lengths of c1 and c2 are half the lengths of c1 and c2 , respectively, and the resulting overall rate becomes Rc = 1/2. Puncturing is not usually applied to the message (systematic) bits, because this causes a BER performance loss. There are two important components of a turbo encoder whose parameters have a major in uence on the BER performance of a turbo code: the rst is the interleaver, especially its length and structure, and the second is the use of RSC IIR FSSMs as constituent encoders [2, 3]. The excellent BER performance of these codes is enhanced when the length of the interleaver is signi cantly large, but also important is its pseudo-random nature. The interleaving block, and its corresponding de-interleaver in the decoder, does not much increase the complexity of a turbo scheme, but it does introduce a signi cant delay in the system, which in some cases can be a strong drawback, depending on the application. The RSC-generated convolutional codes are comparatively simple, but offer excellent performance when iteratively decoded using soft-input soft-output algorithms.
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