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2 p(y/x = +1) 2 = 2 y = 2 (x + n) p(y/x = 1) n n
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To convert the standard note name A4 to a MIDI note number, you use 9 + ((4+1) 12) = 69. The lowest note that the Roomba can produce is G1 with a note number of 31 (7 + ((1+1) 12). The highest note Roomba can produce is G9 with a note number of 127 (7 + (9+1) 12). To Roomba, numbers below 31 are treated as rests (pauses) where no sound is made for the duration of the note.
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Buttons can be inserted into a command bar with two different functions. CommandBar_AddButtons inserts one or more buttons into the specified command bar. CommandBar_InsertButton is the same except that it inserts only one button at a time. The buttons that you insert into a command bar control send WM_COMMAND messages just like standard Windows CE child control buttons. The only difference is that instead of sending the message to their parent, which would be the command bar control, the message is sent to the command bar control s parent. In this way, your window procedure can handle WM_COMMAND messages from command bar buttons just as it responds to such messages from other buttons. In order to add any buttons to a command bar, an application must define an appropriate button structure for each button to be added. The button structure used for this purpose is TBBUTTON. This is the same structure used in toolbar controls to describe toolbar buttons. typedef struct _TBBUTTON { int iBitmap; int idCommand; BYTE fsState; BYTE fsStyle; DWORD dwData; int iString; } TBBUTTON, NEAR* PTBBUTTON, FAR* LPTBBUTTON; iBitmap is the zero-based index of the bitmap to use with the button. idCommand is the button control identifier. This value is the value of the control identifier that Windows CE sends with WM_COMMAND messages whenever this particular button is pressed. fsState defines the button state. This can be one or more of the values defined in Table 4.2. Some of these states refer to toolbar button styles, which are described in Table 4.3. Table 4.2 Command Bar/Toolbar Button States
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Morse, C. K. (1993). Does variability increase with age An archived study of cognitive measures. Psychology and Aging, 8, 156 164. Moul, J. L., Goldman, B., & Warren, B. (1995). Physical activity and cognitive performance in the older population. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 3, 134 145. Mroczek, D. K., & Kolarz, C. M. (1998). The effect of age on positive and negative affect: A developmental perspective on happiness. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 75, 1333 1349. Netz, Y., & Ben-Sira, D. (1993). Attitudes of young people, adults, and older adults from three-generation families toward the concepts of ideal person, youth, adult, and old person. Educational Gerontology, 19, 607 621. Netz, Y., Tenenbaum, G., & Sagiv, M. (1988). Pattern of psychological fitness as related to pattern of physical fitness among older adults. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 67, 647 655. Netz, Y., Wu, M. J., Becker, B. J., & Tenenbaum, G. (2005). Physical activity and psychological well-being in advanced age: A meta-analysis of intervention studies. Psychology and Aging, 20, 272 284. Nieman, D. C., Warren, B. J., Dotson, R. G., Butterworth, D. E., & Henson, D. (1993). Physical activity, psychological wellbeing, and mood state in elderly women. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 1, 22 33. North, T. C., McCullagh, P., & Tran, Z. V. (1990). Effect of exercise on depression. Exercise and Sport Sciences Review, 18, 379 415. Oleson, J. (1971). Contralateral focal increase of cerebral blood flow in man during arm work. Brain, 94, 635 646. Panton, L. B., Graves, J. E., Pollock, M. L., Hagberg, J. M., & Chen, W. (1990). Effect of aerobic and resistance training on fractionated reaction time and speed of movement. Journal of Gerontology, 45, M26 M31. Parkatti, T., Deeg, D. J., Bosscher, R. J., & Launer, L. L. (1998). Physical activity and self-rated health among 55 89 year old Dutch people. Journal of Aging and Health, 10, 311 326. Perri, S., & Templer, D. I. (1985). The effects of an aerobic exercise program on psychological variables in older adults. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 20, 167 171. Perrig-Chiello, P., Perrig, W. J., Ehrsam, R., Staehelin, H. B., & Krings, F. (1998). The effects of resistance training on wellbeing and memory in elderly volunteers. Age and Ageing, 27, 469 475. Rejeski, W. J., & Mihalko, S. L. (2001). Physical activity and quality of life in older adults. Journal of Gerontology, 56A, 23 35. Rhodewalt, F., & Agustsdottir, S. (1986). Effects of selfpresentation on the phenomenal self. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 50, 47 55.
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Figure 6-3: This new menu was created by an add-in.
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Even though you may find a style sheet definition intimidating at first, don t fret; lots of great tools are available to help you create a syntactically correct style sheet. Refer to 8 for a list. A number of Web-based resources also exist for creating style sheets. Unlike pages, you won t be creating a lot of style sheets. You ll create one you like, use it for the majority of your pages, and modify it occasionally.
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Box 11.1 Deadly serious: laissez-faire groundwater development in India. The use of groundwater for irrigation has been steadily increasing in many parts of India for more than a century. In some Indian states, the last decade of the twentieth century saw a veritable explosion in the numbers of deep boreholes tted with powerful electric submersible pumps. In some cases, this explosion has been prompted by the provision of cheap (and sometimes even free) electricity supplies. In the absence of any effective regulatory regime for groundwater abstractions, a number of serious consequences are now coming to light. For instance, studies in Karnataka and Andra Pradesh have revealed dramatic declines in river base ows and plummeting water table levels. The old, shallow wells, worked by hand-pumps, which have supplied village water needs for decades, are most vulnerable to a sudden drop in the water table. Water tankers now supply many poor people, selling them water that until recently they would have obtained for free (apart from maintenance costs) from their own wells. Because the rising demand for water means that shallow wells have to be replaced by deep boreholes that require machinery and funds to drill, the gap between rich and poor is widening: more af uent people have the resources to continue exploiting the diminishing water supplies, whereas the poor are stripped of what little self-reliance they once possessed. As the most vulnerable farmers run out of irrigation water, and even of the water they require to maintain livelihoods and their basic water and sanitation needs, they are thrust into a vicious circle of debt, in which they have to borrow increasing amounts to extract reducing quantities of water. The result is now evident in the high rate of suicides amongst farmers, which has recently become a political issues in India. While suicides are obviously prompted by many factors, a former member of the National Planning Commission reported in 2004 that many suicides have been committed by farmers spending tens of thousand of rupees on digging wells, nding no water, and then borrowing to dig further in desperation. At the Conference on the Groundwater Crisis in Anantapur District, Andra Pradesh, India, August 19, 2004 (attended by over 1500 farmers, NGOs, and government of cials), Sri YV Malla Reddy, Director of the Ecology Center of the Rural Development Trust reported that 75% of 400 farmer suicides in the area were attributable mainly to failure of irrigation boreholes. The promotion of irrigation that involves groundwater overexploitation, within an economic setting which greatly exacerbates the gap between rich and poor, is unsustainable in the long term (Calder 1999). In economic terms, it leads to boom and bust cycles in agricultural production, resulting in steep rises in price in ation. Despite the gravity of these issues, far more international attention has focused on allegations that global soft drinks companies operating in parts of India are causing the depletion of aquifers. The evidence on the latter cases is equivocal; the suicide of hundreds of farmers whose livelihoods have been destroyed through unrestrained irrigation by their more af uent neighbors has an unmistakable and grim eloquence of its own.
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CONCLUSIONS AND DIRECTIONS FOR FUTURE RESEARCH Sleep is a critical component of health and, as such, insomnia can either be a cause or a consequence of health problems. Signi cant advances have been made in the past two decades in the treatment of insomnia and in our understanding of the relationships between sleep and psychological and physical health. Despite these advances, a great deal more research is still needed to address critical issues regarding the nature, epidemiology, and treatment of insomnia. There is a need for more basic studies of psychological and biological factors that are presumed to contribute to the etiology of insomnia. For example, the role of cognitive factors (e.g., intrusive thoughts, faulty beliefs), attention, and information processing variables needs further investigation to re ne and validate our current conceptual model of insomnia. New assessment technologies (e.g., spectral analysis) should also be used to gain a better understanding of the etiological mechanisms and phenomenological experience underlying insomnia complaints. Because we know very little about the natural history of insomnia, longitudinal studies are needed to document the course, evolution, early precursors, and risk factors of the disorder. Likewise, since only a small proportion of individuals with insomnia actually seek treatment, it is important to examine help-seeking determinants among this population. This longitudinal line of research should also evaluate the long-term consequences of insomnia on psychological (e.g., depression) and physical health (e.g., immune function). The direct and indirect costs associated with insomnia should also be more fully documented. Although signi cant progress has been made in the management of insomnia, only a small proportion of treated individuals achieve complete remission. Additional clinical trials are warranted to examine what parameters could optimize the outcome of psychological therapies. Research is also needed to evaluate the effects of single and combined behavioral and pharmacological treatments for insomnia and to examine
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to other points. Or they are taking down credit card and personal information of consumers and then using this to make other purchases there or from other merchants. Number of Purchases: More than one Billing and Shipping Address: Same or different Phone: Disposable mobile phone number or real consumer s number (not the fraudster s) Purchase Amount: Any, but usually more on the upper end Fraud-Prevention Techniques: Velocity of use, velocity of change, hot lists, fraud screening, rules engines, implementing tiered reviews with managers reviewing staff, and making sure you document the name of the staff member who works on each transaction
computational tools to supplement con rmatory statistics, and expect psychological research will increase in ef ciency and precision by its wider applications.
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