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The process of interchanging information can be seen in Figure 8.3. The node that is updated or informed does not participate in the calculation of the corresponding estimate. This makes the iterative decoding converge to the right solution. The larger the number of 1 s in each row of the parity check matrix, the larger is the number of combinations of the bits needed to calculate the coef cients Ri0j and Ri1j . Tables 8.2 and 8.3 show the values of these coef cients in the form of a matrix, where index i corresponds to a row, and index j corresponds to a column. Table 8.2 represents coef cients Ri0j that are the estimates for the bit or symbol x = 0, and Table 8.3 shows the values of coef cients Ri1j that are the estimates for the bit or symbol x = 1. 0 To clarify notation, the value of Ri0j for indexes i = 4, j = 10 is equal to R4,10 = 0.0390. Values of coef cients Ri0j and Ri1j allow us to determine the rst estimate of the decoded vector
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One of the nice features of most of these programs is colored tags. If your editor changes the color of the tags, then you can see visually whether you have remembered to close your comments or whether the rest of your document will be processed as a comment (usually not what you want).
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FIGURE 10-8: Alternate playing method, used in RoombaThereminToo
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It s important to remember that simply removing menu bars, menus, or menu items does not affect the alternate method of accomplishing some actions. Specifically, if there are corresponding shortcut keys, toolbar buttons, or shortcut menus that perform the same action as a menu command, those alternate methods still work. For example, if you remove the New menu item from the File menu, the user can still use the New Workbook toolbar button, the Ctrl+N shortcut key, the Task Pane (in Excel 2002), or the Desktop shortcut menu to create a new workbook.
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