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FIGURE 15-21: Red Roomba Rover on the prowl
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Note: The small circular icon within each box indicates whether the target is met ( ) or not ( ) for the corresponding metric. Also, an arrow next to it indicates the trend as compared to the previous period of reference for that metric.
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General Results
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Adjust Virtual Memory
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How to Use It within a Template
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Introduction and Applicability
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132 83.5 51.9 32.4 16.1
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Bibliography 399
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Use the same brand of equipment: Because SpeedBooster is not an of cial Wi-Fi standard, you have to use wireless cards and routers from the same manufacturer. Enable it on all equipment: If you want to take advantage of SpeedBooster, you must turn on this feature in the wireless router and in each wireless card.
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(11) A (m x m) real orthogonal:
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