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PURPOSE TYPE NESTED WITHIN START TAG END TAG CONTENT ATTRIBUTES Marks text for emphasis Inline Any BLOCK element Required Required Text id = "name" (OPTIONAL) class = "name" (OPTIONAL) style = "style" (OPTIONAL) title = "name" (OPTIONAL) lang = "language" (OPTIONAL) dir = (rtl, ltr) (OPTIONAL)
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Part II Understanding HTML 4
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On the basis of a detailed kinetic model Graedel et al. [83] rst attempted to resolve the complex redox chemistry of TM in atmospheric waters. They suggested that iron, as well as copper and manganese, could play an important role in the oxidation of aqueous SO2 (i.e. S(IV) species) and the production of OH radicals. Many studies [58, 59, 70, 73, 83, 84] showed that photolysis of Fe(III) complexes can be an important source of Fe2+ as well as OH radicals
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DAVID: Because I plan on playing golf for a long time. It s not like it would just go away. What would the decision be the next time that there was a controversy like that I wouldn t have felt right, especially if I was the one to lift the claret jug [the winner s trophy], and then all of a sudden, you know, it hit me. That s not the way golf is; that s not the way I am. The organizers of the event, you know, they hated to see it happen, but I was really the only one that could make the call; so . . . You made the call on yourself DAVID: I did. You know, there are things that only the golfer sees. Whether it was a breach of a rule or not, there was a doubt there that I just didn t want to live with. I decided to disqualify myself and ew home. I felt like I did the right thing. Is there something about your feelings here that you think would affect your ability to play golf DAVID: Sure. My actions there were going to affect me and affect the rest of the players playing in that golf tournament, just like in anybody s line of work, whether it s sports or business or whatever. I understand, but those are your competitors. Your job is to beat them. DAVID: (Laughing) In golf, we just call these [infractions] on ourselves; we don t try to hold or try to foul until the refs call it on us, like in basketball. That s not what our game is about. I m not saying that there s not sportsmanship in other sports, but it s on a different level in golf. That s just the way I was brought up. That s the way golf teaches you to be. When I got home, there was a lot of media attention, but after it was over, I felt ne. It s kind of like confessing your sins, you know. You just feel better after it s all said and done. Is there something about the clarity you feel that you think impacts your game Or perhaps the better way to ask the question is the opposite: Is there something about that con icted feeling that you think would impact your game DAVID: It s very hard to perform without a clear head or a clear conscience. You have to be mentally and physically ready and prepared to play.
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Alternative calculation of income tax: Operating income (before tax) Tax rate $68,750 36% $24,750
location. In the pro ling step, at each interest location, multiple samples from each AP are collected and the marginal conditional probability is calculated that value ei [ E as is observed from an AP given current object location is qj [ Q. After all locations are sampled, the marginal conditional probability p(EjQ) of each AP is stored in a separate leaf node of the Bayesian network. Then in the matching step, to estimate a location, a mobile object at rst samples and quantizes signals from each AP. The result from each AP forms a vector R fr1, r2, . . . , rjjrj [ Eg, which is used by the Bayesian network to calculate p(QjR), the a posteriori probability distribution over location set Q. And the conditionally probability distribution of each location is used to de ne closeness. Another issue of the matching problem is in the domain of computation geometry. Because the location database can be quite large for wide area coverage, the ef cient organization of the data and corresponding search algorithm are important for real-time performance. There is a fair amount of literature dealing with these issues, and they are not repeated here because they are considered beyond the scope of this chapter.
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