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Effect of v on (a) average packet waiting time and (b) fairness index F
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changes seldomly, whereas the reactive protocols perform well when the network topology changes often and the traffic is low. An example of a proactive protocol is the extended Bellman Ford (EXBF), proposed for satellite constellations in [25], in which routing tables are dynamically updated using a shortest paths policy. A reactive protocol, named Darting, was also proposed in [25]. The algorithm broadcasts network information only if it becomes absolutely necessary. In the meantime, the algorithm takes advantage of data packets to update the network topology. Experiments have shown that the Darting algorithm required as much as 72% percent more overhead when compared to the EXBF algorithm in an Iridium-like, lightly loaded network [27]. An immediate simplification occurs when one considers that the weights of the links are uniform and the topology is regular. In the mesh or the torus/mesh cases, one shortest path in terms of number of hops is obtained by XY routing (that is, a route consisting first of a series of interorbital links and then a series of intraorbital links). When one considers the minimum delay instead of the minimum number of hops, it is clear that the cost of interorbital links are smaller when they are closer to the poles (whereas the intraorbital link cost remains constant). Some geodesic considerations may give the advantage to routes that take more polar, interorbital links, as explained in [10]. Reservation Strategies A second step toward reducing the call blocking probability is the choice of the link reservation strategy. Indeed, all these algorithms attempt only to minimize the load of the links, without implementing congestion control mechanisms, which would give some guarantee that a communication will not be dropped when one of the links it uses experiences a handover. Notice that most of the handover techniques we described, such as the HQ, HG, GCAC, and GH, could be applied to enhance the routing. A basic reservation strategy was proposed in [31]. It essentially consists of accepting a call if and only if it is possible to reserve ISLs in such a way that the communication can be maintained after any one link handover event (this can be seen as an extension of the GH concept). Here the deterministic behavior of the network plays a key role: It is assumed that we can determine the next handover and the overall network topology, for each link, so if during the call only one of the links in the path has a handover, it is guaranteed that such call will not be dropped. Another related strategy is the slack reservation policy, which consists in always accepting the new call and, if possible, also reserving the links for a next handover event. Intuitively, we are relaxing the basic reservation strategy, since those calls whose duration is sufficiently short will terminate before the link handover event occurs. However, the experimental results in [31] show that the slack reservation strategy performs worse than the basic one. This is mainly due to the fact that, in the slack reservation, a certain number of calls are accepted with no reserved route. Clearly, such calls are vulnerable to link handovers. On the other hand, calls with reserved routes consume more resources than they would without reservation. Hence, with less system resources available, the vulnerable calls are more likely to be dropped. Going a step ahead, an algorithm is presented in [12] that forwards the reservation once it is used. It is shown that the reservation permanently guarantees the communication provided that only southward handovers occur. All kinds of handovers are taken into account
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The Case for Self-Governing Cultures
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The Case for Self-Governing Cultures
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We conclude by brie y discussing the source terms for mass transfer to environmental aerosols. We are not concerned here with direct not localised emissions into the atmosphere, such as from vehicle exhausts, burning, res and volcanoes, where condensable material immediately turns into aerosol, but transfers which can take place in the bulk of the atmosphere. They may be divided into two classes.
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Anderson, J. R. (1993). Rules of mind. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Ashcraft, M. H., & Kirk, E. P. (2001). The relationships among working memory, math anxiety, and performance. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 130, 224 237. Baumeister, R. F. (1984). Choking under pressure: Selfconsciousness and paradoxical effects of incentives on skillful performance. Journal of Personalit y and Social Psychology, 46, 610 620.
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Figure 7.1 Interpersonal Theory Provides a Nexus to Coordinate Definition and Description of Personality Disorders
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