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Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh). The animation sequence plays at the frame rate
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Note: Dragging a normal layer onto a guide layer converts the guide layer to a motion guide layer. To prevent accidentally converting a guide layer, place all guide layers at the bottom of the layer order.
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report, using the format shown in Figure 10-11 (a blank worksheet for you to ll in, which follows the data).
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This chapter outlined the organizational structure of various lodging properties and typical job responsibilities of department managers. Speci c review of the role of the front of ce manager revealed many related concepts. Success in providing effective supervision begins with a review of the resources available to the front of ce manager, such as em-
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economic theories. Cost isn t the only reason people buy product A versus product B, Zak said. There are any number of social, humanbased reasons involved, and Nash never calculated those into his equations. 12 Zak theorizes that we trust others because doing so activates social attachment mechanisms; in other words, it seems the right thing to do. Trust appears to be driven by a sense of what to do, rather than a conscious determination of what is most pro table to do. To understand this hypothesis better, Zak performed blood tests on his subjects after they had played the trust game and made a phenomenal discovery: The more money DM2s received from DM1s, the more their oxytocin levels rose, and the more they returned to DM1s. Put another way, when you trust someone, their brain responds by making more oxytocin, which allows them to trust you in return. Reciprocity doing unto others as they do unto you seems therefore to be a biological function; trust begets trust. (Interestingly, Zak pointed out, roughly 2 percent within the groups did not share any of the wealth, a number roughly corresponding to the percentage of sociopaths in a population.13) Furthermore, remember, oxytocin directly affects the areas of the brain associated with memory. When you extend trust, which is at times an unconscious behavior, you not only bathe this area of the brain with soothing chemicals, you create memories of having done so. This concurrence of activity led Zak to conclude that it is possible to restimulate and reinforce trusting behaviors over time. In other words, trust builds trust, as well, on a biological basis. How does that translate into the modern marketplace If trust is, as Zak explains, a tangible, intentional act in which you cede power over resources to another person, both sides can recognize extending trust as cooperation for potential gain. We generate feelgood hormones in the people we trust, and they reciprocate by trusting us in return. We, in turn, consciously or unconsciously acknowledge their trust with a similar biological response. Fear dissolves, cooperation ensues, and an upward spiral of mutual reinforcement thrives. We are on some level, it seems, hardwired to seek connections with others, to build biological networks to achieve greater personal gain.
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Young, D., 8, 443, 446 Young, H. H., 344 Young, K., 184, 203, 502, 503, 505 Young, T., 51, 96 Ysseldyke, J., 424, 427, 429 Yu, S. L., 275, 277 Zahn-Waxler, C., 205, 214, 218, 220 Zane, N., 491, 502, 507 Zapf, P., 407, 411 Zaphiropoulos, L., 258, 265 Zedeck, S., 376, 379, 383, 389 Zelizer, V. A., 416, 429 Zemsky, R., 466, 481 Zenderland, L., 31, 45 Zickar, M. J., 367, 384, 387, 389 Zimmerman, B. J., 269, 275, 276, 277 Zimmerman, D. H., 254, 267 Zimmerman, M. A., 442, 444, 449 Zinn, H., 433, 449 Zins, J. E., 425, 429 Znaniecki, F., 181, 203, 223, 247 Zola, S. M., 47, 49, 60, 61, 65, 66 Zola-Morgan, S., 49, 60, 61, 65, 66 Zytowski, D. G., 295, 300
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