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49 Frames, Layers, and the Shell Game
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Convergence continues: xed-wireless, mobile media, home technology. Unlicensed frequencies make wireless access. P2P environments utilise resources by the participating nodes. Proximity technologies ease identi cation. Standardisation continues.
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cultural relations approach. They noted that gender is a risk factor for eating disorders, depression, and suicide for adolescents, but cautioned that most of the research involves White, privileged girls and describes risk and resilience in White, middle-class models. Erkut and colleagues focused on the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, and social class to explore differences within as well as across groups. Erkut et al. (1996) sampled girls from across the United States representing five ethnic backgrounds (Native American, African American, Anglo-European American, Asian Pacific Islander, Latina) and asked the girls, What activities make you feel good about yourself Athletics was the most common response, mentioned by nearly half (46%) of the girls. When asked what about the activity made them feel good, the most common response was mastery or competence (e.g., I m good at it ), followed by enjoyment. Erkut et al. also found ethnic and socioeconomic status influences and variations in patterns. Native American and Asian Pacific Islander girls were most likely to cite athletics as the activity that made them feel good. Also, girls with high socioeconomic status were less likely to cite athletics and more likely to cite art activities. Erkut et al. expressed surprise at the prominence of athletics and suggested that the findings called attention to the importance of historical context (post-Title IX for these girls). Erkut et al. s large, diverse sample and the many variations in findings highlight the importance of cultural contexts in the lives of these girls and suggest exciting directions for sport psychology. Weis and Fine have been engaged in this work for some time, and their recent collaborative effort (Weis & Fine, 2000) focuses on the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, and class in urban youth, with contributions from both scholars and community activists. Weis and Fine take a feminist, action-oriented approach; two chapters in their edited book specifically address sport and exercise in the lives of adolescent girls. Carney (2000) draws on her experience as a figure-skating coach as well as focus group and interview data to investigate sport as a site that enables girls to rework their physical selves as functioning, beautiful, and strong. Her results suggest that these girls do not question traditional femininity, which emphasizes being thin, feminine, and delicate. The girls do see possibilities for skating as empowerment, but they also see limits and constraints. The girls expressed dissatisfaction with their body but also appreciation for their physicalness. In the same volume, Webster (2000) used interviews to explore girls identity development through sport and the arts. Sport participants discussed individual success and
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Declare Function OpenProcess Lib kernel32 _ (ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, _ ByVal bInheritHandle As Long, _ ByVal dwProcessId As Long) As Long Declare Function GetExitCodeProcess Lib kernel32 _ (ByVal hProcess As Long, _ lpExitCode As Long) As Long Sub RunCharMap2() Dim TaskID As Long Dim hProc As Long Dim lExitCode As Long ACCESS_TYPE = &H400 STILL_ACTIVE = &H103 Program = Charmap.exe On Error Resume Next Shell the task TaskID = Shell(Program, 1) Get the process handle hProc = OpenProcess(ACCESS_TYPE, False, TaskID) If Err <> 0 Then MsgBox Cannot start & Program, vbCritical, Error Exit Sub End If Do Loop continuously Check on the process GetExitCodeProcess hProc, lExitCode
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Todd, J., 455, 462 Todd, P. M., 146, 153 Todes, D., 16, 25 Toglia, M., 407, 409 Tolman, D. T., 254, 267 Tolman, E. C., 19, 25, 71, 72, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 128, 130, 132, 133 Tomasello, M., 80, 81 Tomkins, A. J., 399, 410, 411 Tomkins, S., 165, 166, 175 Tooby, J., 78, 81 Toro, P., 444, 447, 449 Toulmin, S. E., 229, 247 Trabasso, T., 146, 152, 173, 174 Tracy, C., 392, 453, 475, 478 Triandis, H. C., 368, 369, 376, 387, 388, 515, 533 Trickett, E. J., 431, 438, 439, 444, 448, 449 Trimble, J. E., 501, 506, 546, 554 Trimpop, R., 230, 231, 246 Triplet, R. G., 184, 185, 203 Triplett, N., 226, 227, 247 Trommsdorf, G., 539, 554 Tronick, E., 212, 218, 221 Trzepacz, P. T., 290, 301 Tuber, D. S., 81, 84 Tuddenham, R. D., 13, 25 Tuke, D. H., 63, 314, 318, 336, 340 Tulving, E., 113, 132, 133 Tulviste, P., 216, 221 Turing, A. M., 127, 132, 133 Turner, S. M., 502, 507 Turner, T. J., 166, 174 Tuttle, W. M., 432, 449 Tweney, R. D., 9, 21, 24, 183, 203 Tyler, L., 38, 45, 362, 365, 484, 507 Ulrich, B. D., 214, 221 Underwager, R. W., 405, 411 Underwood, B. J., 6, 25 Unger, R., 252, 254, 265, 267 Ungerer, G. A., 4, 21 Unzner, I., 214, 219 Urbanski, L., 261, 267, 548, 553 Urbina, S., 294, 298 Urwin, C., 236, 244 Ussher, J., 254, 267 Uviller, E. T., 164, 174 Valenstein, E. S., 59, 66, 325, 336 Valins, S., 165, 175 Vallacher, R. M., 196, 201 Vallois, H. V., 49, 62 Vancouver, J. B., 275, 277 VandenBos, G. R., 27, 36, 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 276, 324, 348, 352, 545, 554 Vanderploeg, R., 282, 298 Van De Water, T. J., 367, 374, 377, 389 van Drunen, P., 536, 554 Van Elderen, T., 452, 463 van Elteren, V., 230, 231, 233, 247 Van Strien, P. J., 515, 533
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