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The preferred way to include styles in your page is to use an external style sheet. This is the only way to take advantage of all the benefits you have read about relating to using style sheets. If you use an external style sheet, then all your style information for all your pages is stored in one central place. If you want to give your site a face-lift, it s as easy as changing the external style sheet. To use an external style sheet, simply create your style sheet and save it with a .css extension. Then link to it from the HEAD of your page using the LINK element. The following list is not the complete specification for the LINK element. The LINK element is used for other unrelated functions, which only confuse this use.
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hen you are approached by a client to design a Web site using Flash, you can use ActionScript to add interactivity to a design. When you use ActionScript, the resulting file size of the published movie is generally much smaller than designs where extensive frame by frame or tweening animation is used. However, there are still times when you have enough data or images in a design that prevent it from loading quickly. In this chapter, you ll learn to analyze your finished design to make sure it doesn t exceed the bandwidth of your intended audience. If it does, you ll learn how to create an animated preloader to keep your visitors entertained and informed on the amount of data that has loaded until your design is fully loaded. When you create an HTML design, you can use the built-in form elements to create a user response form. However, the HTML form elements are not very aesthetically pleasing. In this chapter, you ll learn to create a Flash form and transmit the results of the form to a Web server s mail forwarding script. Additionally, you ll learn to create a page that can be printed on demand. The chapter project shows you how to create an e-commerce catalog.
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1. Why does a hotel have to balance its nancial transactions each day 2. What is the night audit What are the steps involved in preparing it 3. What is the manager s report What does each statistic tell the general manager 4. Why must the night audit be prepared systematically 5. What is a trial balance What information does it provide the night auditor 6. Why must the accounts receivable be included in the night audit What do the accounts receivable comprise 7. Discuss the importance of the night audit to the daily management of a hotel. Who reviews the night audit Why would they be interested in these nancial data 8. Why should the accounts receivable be analyzed 9. Why should the bank deposit and amount transferred to accounts receivable be listed on the night audit What does each gure represent 10. How can the front of ce manager control the cash in the front of ce cash drawer 11. Why is it important to prepare hotel operating statistics 12. Discuss the procedure to determine occupancy percentage, double occupancy percentage, and average daily rate. 13. Discuss the procedure to determine yield. How important is this to the general manager 14. Discuss the procedure to compute RevPAR. 15. What use is the daily ash report to a general manager To a front desk manager To a food and beverage manager
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In single- and multiemitter structures, the con guration of the emitter, base, and collector can in uence the ESD robustness of the homo- or heterojunction bipolar transistor [43,44]. For a single emitter transistor, with a single-side base and single-side collector (e.g., EBC, ECB, and BEC), the current- ow from the emitter-to-base or the emitter-to-collector is asymmetric. The current- ow through the emitter to either element does not distribute symmetrically; this leads to a higher series resistance, base or collector internal voltage drops, current crowding, and nonuniform current ow; this can lead to higher peak current density. Figure 5.1 shows an example of a silicon bipolar transistor. In this gure, a deep trench structure borders the subcollector and collector region. An electrical connection is established between the subcollector and surface implants using a reach-through implant in the extrinsic part of the transistor. In the intrinsic transistor region, the base and collector are under the emitter window forming a one-dimensional vertical pro le. Outside this region, the extrinsic transistor region extends from the intrinsic region to the base and collector
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10/01-13:14:02.486194 -> TCP TTL:128 TOS:0x0 ID:15717 IpLen:20 DgmLen:41 DF ***AP*** Seq: 0x52B66966 Ack: 0xA82D73C8 Win: 0x3FEB TcpLen: 20 0x0000: 00 90 92 F8 80 00 00 03 47 8C 73 0A 08 00 45 00 ........G.s...E. 0x0010: 00 29 3D 65 40 00 80 06 00 00 80 96 21 4E CD E8 .)=e@.......!N.. 0x0020: 6F 66 09 1F 00 17 52 B6 69 66 A8 2D 73 C8 50 18 of....R.if.-s.P. 0x0030: 3F EB DF 4E 00 00 64 ..N..d =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
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sphere. Incorrect decoding happens when the number of errors produced during transmission is such that the received vector is outside the sphere of radius d and lies in the sphere of another codeword different from c. Incorrect decoding also occurs even if the received vector lies in the sphere of radius d, but another codeword is also inside that sphere. Then, the total error probability is equal to [5] Pe = Ple + Pce (81)
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We express the conditional entropy explicitly in the following theorem. Theorem 4.2.4 Let {Xi } be a stationary Markov chain with stationary distribution and transition matrix P . Let X1 . Then the entropy rate is H (X) =
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