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As with everything else you publish on your Web site, you should test your plug-ins extensively. You want to test them from multiple platforms, using Internet Explorer, Netscape, and AOL. In fact, you probably want to test your plug-in from a computer that doesn t already have the plug-in installed. This way, you can go through the process many of your site visitors will go through: 1. Arrive at your page and get notification you need a plug-in.
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An example of the calculation of the parity check equation of the second row of the corresponding difference matrix H Q is done here to illustrate the equivalence of this method with 0 respect to the traditional one. Thus, for instance, the value of the coef cient R21 is calculated as R21 = Q 23 Q 24 Q 29 = Q0 Q1 23 23 Q0 Q1 24 24 Q0 Q1 29 29 Q0 Q1 29 29 = Q0 Q0 Q0 Q1 Q1 Q0 + Q1 Q1 23 24 23 24 23 24 23 24 + Q0 Q1 Q1 + Q1 Q0 Q1 Q1 Q1 Q1 23 24 29 23 24 29 23 24 29 By taking into account that Q0 = 1 Q1 24 24 then
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Replace Your Floppy Drive
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Bias-Panel Review A second conceptual study of potential items involves the use of bias review panels, often helpful in identifying items that might be interpreted in different ways depending upon demographic or cultural factors. Every proposed item for a scale can be reviewed by people from a wide variety of backgrounds, both culturally and professionally. The items should be reviewed in the context of the intended construct; for example, items can be presented as supposed indicators of emotional problems, and people from different backgrounds offered an opportunity to raise objections to this explanation of the item. Such bias-panel reviews can reveal interesting and unintended interpretations of items and can circumvent later problems. Again, having these individuals provide feedback on any problem items provides information that can serve as a guide to revising the items.
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On the Variables or Locals tab, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) a selected
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TABLE 20.2 Focus of Development at Different Stages of Adolescence Age Preadolescence: Females: 9 1 years 1 Males: 10 12 years Early adolescence: Females: 11 13 years Males: 12 14 years Grade 5 7 Developmental Focus Same-sex peers
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