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water molecules will dissociate to release suf cient hydroxide ions to balance the positive charge exerted by the major cations. In natural groundwaters, alkaline pH values most commonly lie in the range 8.5 9.0. This is a common range in many con ned limestone aquifers, for instance. Few natural hydrogeological settings yield strongly alkaline waters. Two exceptions are: deep-seated groundwaters, long isolated from the atmosphere, which have equilibrated with a category of igneous rocks ( ultrabasic rocks ) which contain abundant calcium-rich silicate minerals (e.g. Barnes et al. 1978); and groundwaters emerging from lime-rich coaly mud beds previously subject to spontaneous combustion, forming natural quick lime (Khoury et al. 1985). These waters typically have pH values as high as 12.5, and an overall solution chemistry dominated by Ca2+ as the major cation and OH as the major anion. Again, some perspective on the pH values typical of these alkaline groundwaters is afforded by comparison with some everyday substances, for instance milk (pH ~ 7), sea water (8), baking soda (9), and domestic bleach (11). Three aspects of pH value interpretation deserve special emphasis.
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There are many header fields in the IP header, each with a defined function to be
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If you have an external wireless card, it sticks out of a slot on the side of your laptop (see Figure 1-7).
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Part I Starting to Use Gmail
Figure 12.24 [Ref. 15].)
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