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4.1 Verify that the polynomial p(X) = 1 + X 2 + X 5 is an irreducible polynomial. It can also be a primitive polynomial. What are the conditions for this to happen 4.2 Construct the Galois field GF(25 ) generated by p(X) = 1 + X 2 + X 5 , showing a table with the polynomial and binary representations of its elements. 4.3 Determine the minimal polynomials of the elements of the Galois field GF(25 ) constructed in Problem 4.2. 4.4 Determine the generator polynomial of the binary BCH code CBCH (31, 16) able to correct error patterns of size t = 3 or less.
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Place the second equation directly below this new equation, and subtract.
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Structural Equation Modeling
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Listing A-3: The Edited Boot Sequence
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