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Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of Windows. Click the Control Panel. (If you don t see this option, your Start menu is in classic mode. In that case, click Settings, and then select the Control Panel.) If the Control Panel is in category view, click the Performance and Maintenance category, and then click the Administrative Tools icon. If the Control Panel is in classic view, simply double-click the Administrative Tools icon. Double-click the Services icon. A window opens. Using the scroll bar, scroll down until you see Alerter, and then double-click it. Another window opens. Click the Startup Type drop-down menu, and then select Disabled (see Figure 10-3).
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The STS-1 frame.
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From a brute-force perspective, the two things that are critical are the length of the key and the characters included in the key. For example, if a technique used a binary key of two characters, I could crack that in less than 10 seconds with all possible combinations: 00 01 10 11 It would take longer to crack this if I increased the length or increased the character spaces. Increasing the length would involve, for example, using 4 or 8 characters instead of 2. Increasing the character space means that instead of just using 0 or 1 for the possible value of each character I could use A through Z, or 26 possible characters.
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the reduction of mistakes. In this manner leadership style may be profoundly related to the neural dynamics associated with effective skill learning and the scientific literature can provide the coach with a concrete rationale, or neurophilosophy, for the adoption of a coaching style that helps the athlete to achieve high-quality performance. REFERENCES
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deviation; North, McCullagh, & Tran, 1990) or no (e.g., Schlicht, 1994) difference in psychological distress between exercisers and nonexercisers. Intervention studies provide stronger evidence for the psychological bene ts of aerobic exercise regarding psychological distress. One study randomly assigned participants with dysphoric mood to cognitive therapy, aerobic exercise, or a combination of these two interventions over a 10-week period (Fremont & Craighead, 1987). Although no signi cant differences were noted between the groups, all three demonstrated signi cant decreases in depressive symptoms. Similarly, older patients with major depressive disorder were randomly assigned to aerobic exercise (3 times per week), antidepressant medication (sertraline hydrochloride), or both for 16 weeks (Blumenthal et al., 1999). Results demonstrated all three groups signi cantly improved on measures of depression, anxiety, self-esteem, life satisfaction, and dysfunctional attitudes from pre- to posttreatment, but no differences were noted between the groups following intervention. Those receiving antidepressant medications did, however, demonstrate quicker enhancement of mood compared to those participating in aerobic exercise only. A meta-analytic study demonstrated the effects of rehabilitative exercise programs on anxiety and depression in patients with coronary disease (Kugler, Seelbach, & Kruskemper, 1994). Speci cally, exercise resulted in moderate decreases in both anxiety and depressive symptoms and did not differ signi cantly from psychotherapy. Similarly, breast cancer survivors randomly assigned to exercise or exercise plus behavior modi cation demonstrated comparably signi cant decreases in depressive symptoms and anxiety (Segar et al., 1998). The waitlist control (WLC) group in this study did not initially exhibit such declines in distress. However, following the waiting period, those participants in the WLC who partook in the exercise program also exhibited signi cantly diminished anxiety and depressive symptoms. In addition to aerobic exercise, resistance exercise (e.g., weight lifting) has also demonstrated bene cial effects on health (Tsutumi et al., 1998). Fox s (1999) review of the literature on exercise and mental health supports the following conclusions: Exercise (a) is an effective treatment for clinical depression; (b) decreases state and trait anxiety; (c) enhances self-perceptions and, perhaps, self-ef cacy; (d) improves mood; and (e) may improve cognitive functioning, especially in older adults. Possible mechanisms of action may be in the physiological (e.g., release of endorphins), psychological (e.g., diversion, improved self-image), and/or social (e.g., social interactions, receiving attention) domains.
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erminal is your ticket to the strange and wonderful Unix underpinnings of your Mac. Although you can accomplish a tremendous amount of work and play without ever using Terminal, no discussion of cool Mac tricks would be complete without a tour of this vital tool. In this chapter, you ll explore some of the ways you can fool around with Terminal, ranging from customizing how Terminal looks and behaves to interesting and amusing tips about getting to stuff hidden inside your Mac.
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Part II Mods
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