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2.6 SUMMARY Radio can be used to keep in touch with people on the move. The cellular network was introduced to reuse the radio frequency such that more people can take advantage of wireless communications. Location management is one of the most important issues in cellular networks. It deals with how to track subscribers on the move. This chapter has surveyed recent research on location management in cellular networks. Location management involves two operations: location update and paging. Paging is performed by the network to find the cell in which a mobile station is located so the incoming call for the mobile station can be routed to the corresponding base station. Location update is done by the mobile station to let the network know its current location. There are three metrics involved with location management: location update cost, paging cost, and paging delay. Network topology, call arrival probability, and mobility patterns have a great impact on the performance of a location management scheme. This chapter has presented some assumptions that are commonly used to evaluate a location management scheme. Finally,
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If you want to add effects to sounds in Flash, it s best to import 16-bit sounds. If you have limited RAM, keep your sound clips short or work with 8-bit sounds instead of 16-bit sounds.
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* These events occur only in Excel 2002, and are not supported in previous versions.
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if and only if there does not exist a third node p such that both u and v can reach p by using the maximal transmission power, and w(up) , w(uv), w(vp) , w(uv). Unfortunately, the topology derived by MRNG may still be disconnected, as shown in Figure 10.18(a) and 10.18(b). Two localized topology construction algorithms were proposed in ref. [38]. The rst one, directed relative neighborhood graph (DRNG), is an extension of RNG for heterogeneous graphs. An edge uv is included in DRNG if and only if there does not exist a third node w such that both u can reach w and w can reach v by using the maximal transmission power, respectively, and w(up) , w(uv), w( pv) , w(uv). The second one, directed local spanning subgraph (DLSS), is an extension of LMST for heterogeneous graphs. In DLSS, each node u rst builds its local spanning subgraph Su of the one-hop neighborhood n(u). The algorithm to construct Su is similar to Kruskal s algorithm. Edges are inserted into Su in ascending order of weight. An edge pq is kept in Su only if p and q are not strongly connected before the inser(a)
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where K n is a constant and Re is the radius of the sphere. The number of non-overlapped messages that are able to be transmitted reliably in this channel is [2, 6] M= K n [n(P + PN )]n/2 = K n (n PN )n/2 P + PN PN
- (void) fillControlTable: (AssociatedTable**) theCmdoControls andUniqueSet: (NSMutableSet**) uniqueSet fromTabControlList: (NSMutableArray*) tabControlList { int max = [tabControlList count]; AssociatedTable *myCmdoControls = [[AssociatedTable alloc] init];
First, you need to make sure you have Python 2.3 installed. Python will probably have come pre-installed with your OS, but you need to make sure it is version 2.3 or above. There are many tests for this, depending on your system.
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