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Centrifuge the cell suspension at 1000 rpm for 10 min in a 15-ml conical tube. Place the tube on ice in the laminar hood and aspirate off the supernatant. Using an automatic micropipette, resuspend a cell pellet in Matrigel. It is recommended that between 5 and 10 l Matrigel per 106 cells be used. Load the homogeneous cell suspension onto a scaffold as uniformly as possible. Place the Petri dish with inoculated scaffolds for 10 min in the 37 C, 5% CO2 humidi ed incubator to allow gelation to occur.
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considered just, one has to look at the balances that are actually made. The global measure of equity generally used in research that is, asking subjects what they contribute to a relationship and what they get out of it relative to their partner(s) is unsatisfactory. The precise balances have to be speci ed if we are to learn how appraisals of equity and inequity are generated. One major problem is the validity of global measures of equity. Respondents who do not really balance contributions and outcomes for themselves and for their partners may use the terms equity and justice synonymously. Detailed measures across numerous exchange dimensions which may additionally be weighted according to personal importance are possible, however (e.g., Lujansky & Mikula, 1983; Van Yperen & Buunk, 1994). The correlations between detailed and global measures are generally modest or near zero (Sprecher & Schwartz, 1994). Thus, using global measures of equity does not really clarify which justice standards are actually used by respondents. Nevertheless, in accordance with hypotheses derived from equity theory, some studies have found that not only respondents who feel deprived compared to their partner but also those who feel advantaged are less satis ed with their relationship than are respondents who perceive their relationship as equitable (Buunk & van Yperen, 1991). The effects of equity ratings on satisfaction in the partnership and the stability of the relationship are, however, generally weak or nonexistent (Sprecher & Schwartz, 1994). Thus, we do not have robust evidence in favor of the equity model in close relationships, such as those between family members, in intimate partnerships, and best friendships. Research about justice in close relationships is reported and reviewed in a volume edited by Lerner and Mikula (1994) and a special issue of Social Justice Research (Vol. 11, 3) edited by Mikula (1998). One might question whether justice actually matters at all in these kinds of relationships, which ideally are characterized by mutual love, trust, and caring. However, as Desmarais and Lerner (1994) argue, the degree of closeness is not the same at all times and for all parties, and it may vary from an identity relationship (in which the parties identities are merged), to a unit relationship (in which equal but independent partners cooperate), and even to a nonunit relationship (in which the parties compete with one another). According to Desmarais and Lerner (1994), strong effects of equity ratings on satisfaction are not to be expected within identity relationships where meeting a partners needs is most likely to create harmonious relations, while equal and reciprocal treatment may be alienating in close relationships (p. 45) in which the partners are not looking for long-term reciprocity. In a study with married couples, Desmarais and
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Recharge area Discharge zone Groundwater divide
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Sequence Addressing Command Command payload fields number frame ID MHR (b) MAC payload
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Between blocks Treatment A (Diet) Blocks within A Within blocks Treatment B (Exercise) 6. A B 7. Residual 8. Total
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