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Choose Control > Test Movie. For more information on using simple actions, see Controlling movie playback on page 267. For more information on creating interactivity, see Creating complex interactivity on page 271.
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The example in this section keeps track of every workbook that is opened by storing information in a text file. I started by inserting a new class module, and naming it AppClass. The code in the class module is:
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What s on the CD
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Part III Understanding Visual Basic for Applications
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Creating Custom Tags
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Texana Restaurant Balance Sheet (Interim) May 5, 2003 Assets Cash Food inventory Beverage inventory Building Equipment Total Assets $ 45,000 8,000 2,000 150,000 12,000 $217,000 Liabilities and Ownership Equity Accounts payable Notes payable Total liabilities Ownership Equity: Capital, Gram Disk Total Liabilities & OE $ 12,000 105,000 $117,000 $100,000 $217,000
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