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6 Reading the Roomba Sensors
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simulates the behaviour of multiple users and since the need to build the simulator originated from the dif culties encountered while attempting to test group awareness-related mobile context-aware applications. In addition to facilitating application testing, the group simulator also serves as a tool for generating data for machine learning and as a tool for aiding demonstrations. The simulator improves the state of the art in three aspects. First, the simulator is able to generate data from multiple users. Second, the simulator is not con ned to smart spaces, but it can be used to simulate more generic scenarios. Third, contrary to the other simulation tools, the group simulator uses extensively techniques from the eld of simulation, which, for example, makes it easier to specify new scenarios that are to be simulated. In order to achieve its goals, the group simulator generates data that contains information about the situation of users and information about how the situation relates to the behaviour of the individuals. To arrive at a simulator that is exible and that can be easily recon gured to simulate new scenarios, the three main information sources, actors, environment and scenario, have been separated from each other. An illustration of the simulator is shown in Figure 4.10. In the following, each of the information sources is brie y detailed.
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What is Bluetooth being used for Like USB, Bluetooth defines a set of device classes to solve common tasks. Devices within the same class speak the same sub-protocol of Bluetooth and thus need no drivers to interoperate. Bluetooth calls these device classes profiles. Table 4-1 lists a few of the most commonly used profiles.
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Note that with the current de nition of one meter, given by the distance traveled by light during 1/299792458 of a second, a terrestrial meridian is 40,074 kilometers.
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TinyOS Commercial Research Projects Description Soil-moisture sensor system for sprinkler systems to keep grass green while conserving water Manufacturers of resilient, self-healing wireless mesh networks optimized for low data-rate applications Manufacturer of wireless sensor networks and wireless data loggers that use TinyOS Developer of wireless semiconductor systems that consist of chips embedded with networking software and lowfrequency radio transmitter technology that support wireless mesh monitoring and low-power autohealing management networks Provider of end-to-end intelligent wireless sensor network solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators Developers of the most highly used wind-eroding mass sensor worldwide
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Debugging USB Devices
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Event detection and reporting with data aggregation.
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<COLGROUP span= 3 style= group1 > <COL width= 75 > <COL width= 150 > <COL width= 100 > <COLGROUP span= 2 style= group2 > <COLGROUP span= 1 style= group3 >
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