Yield management, a process of planning to achieve maximum room rates and most pro table guests (guests who will spend money at the hotel s food and beverage outlets, gift shops, etc.), encourages front of ce managers, general managers, and marketing and sales directors to target sales periods and develop sales programs that will maximize pro t for the hotel. This module (Figure 4-8) shares similar databases with the reservations module room inventory, room rates, reservation status, and guest information. If a hotel is entering a maximum demand sales period, the yield management module will allow the reservations manager to block out that time period to prevent guest requests for room reservations for less than the minimum time period. Also, the computer will prompt the reservations clerk on which room rate category to apply. Daily reports on how well the front of ce achieved maximum yield of rack rates, the highest room rate charged in a hotel, provides feedback to the general manager and owners. A history of guest sales in food and beverage also assists sales and marketing managers in determining if a group reservation has potential for profitability.
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I discuss toolbars in detail in 22.
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Improve a Poor Connection
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for i = 0,1,yU, and pb,j(x) denotes the steady-state probability for the number of PDUs in the queue j at base station b. This probability will be obtained later in this chapter. 21.6.3 State Space and Transition Matrix
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differ greatly and merchants will have to put in signi cant updates to be compliant with these requirements for ensuring that they are not violating any laws.
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Document the development effort Develop user documentation and online help Distribute the application to the user Update the application when it s necessary Not all of these steps are required for each application, and the order in which these activities are performed may vary from project to project. Each of these activities is described in the pages that follow; and in most cases, the technical details are covered in subsequent chapters.
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