5.1 System Description 137
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the material. They started their intellectual journeys at the beginning of the semester and climbed a hill of understanding. They did all the reading, they were industrious, and they were able to lay it out very clearly on the nal exam. They climbed diligently, as one does on all journeys, ever upward toward knowledge. At the end of the semester they displayed a basic understanding and basic knowledge, made no major mistakes, showed little confusion, and repeated it all back clearly. Basic knowledge deserved a grade of B. Those who received A grades had mastered, synthesized, and integrated the material into their being. They thought deeply, developed counterarguments that weren t part of the readings, internalized the material, and put it to work. They took charge of what they had learned, took it further, challenged it, and created new, innovative thoughts: thinking outside the classroom, if you will. In short, they had developed a power a power informed by what they had read and heard, and ampli ed by the way they saw it at work in the world. They were not just taking the class; they were in some respects teaching it, and I found them inspirational. They deserved a grade of A. Those who got Cs, however, really caught my attention. As you would naturally assume, some were lazy and did the bare minimum to get by. But I was surprised to realize that a good number of them were every bit as industrious as those who got As. They, too, did all the reading and understood the material well. And like those who got As, they exuded ashes of brilliance, often trying to take their understanding to the next level. But when it came to coalescing it into an understanding and expressing their thoughts, they were stuck in a deep valley of confusion, struggling to get out. They had taken the extra step and had gone for the deep knowledge, but missed it by a degree or two or kept slipping back, and couldn t express their thoughts in clear or cogent ways. When I plotted it out on a graph it looked like Figure II.1. The paradox was that the C students were actually further along than the B students. They had traveled more ground and gone past the rst peak of basic understanding achieved by the Bs. They were unable to command the power of the As, sure, but they were closer to the As than the Bs, further on the intellectual journey than the Bs. The good news/bad news story for those C students was, at semester s end, I had to give them a C for confusion. But they revealed a com-
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the phases individuals undergo when coping with CFS: In Phase 1 of the CFS illness, the individual moves into a crisis mode after illness onset, wherein he or she experiences the traumatic aspects of a new illness. In Phase 2, the person with CFS continues to experience chaos and dissembling, followed by the eventual stabilization of the individual s symptoms. In Phase 3, the person with CFS moves into the resolution mode, as he or she works to accept the chronicity and ambiguity of this chronic illness and create meaning out of the illness experience. Finally, in Phase 4, the person with CFS achieves integration, wherein he or she is able to integrate the pre- and post-illness self-concepts. Jason, Fennell, and associates (1999) examined the factor structure of the Fennell Phase Inventory using a sample of 400 participants, who self-reported that a physician diagnosed them with CFS on a mail-in questionnaire. A three-factor solution emerged, yielding a crisis score, a stabilization score, and an integration score for each individual. A cluster analysis was then conducted using the three mean factor scores for each individual, and four clusters emerged. These clusters matched the four phases predicted by Fennell (Jason, Fennell, Taylor, Fricano, & Halpert, 2000). In another study (Jason, Fricano, et al., 2000), 65 patients diagnosed with CFS by a physician were recruited and administered the Fennell Phase Inventory and other measures assessing CFS-related symptoms, disability, and coping. Each of the 65 patients was classi ed as one of four prede ned clusters measuring a crisis phase, a stabilization phase, a resolution phase, and an integration phase. Results con rmed Fennell s model, revealing signi cant differences between the clusters in terms of levels of disability and modes of coping. Results suggest that the Fennell Phase Inventory accurately differentiates phases of adaptation to illness experienced by individuals with CFS. Phase models might help researchers better deal with the mass of con icting research studies in the eld of CFS. If patients experience these phases in qualitatively different ways, their responses on standardized questionnaires could be dramatically different, depending on the phase of their illness. If a researcher collapses the responses of patients in different phases, the ndings might be obscured because the patients are experiencing fundamentally different processes. Even the construct of fatigue must be better differentiated into various dimensions (e.g., postexercise symptoms, are-up symptoms, remission symptoms, allergy fatigue; Dechene, Friedberg, MacKenzie, & Fontanetta, 1994). Until better-differentiated subgroups are developed, it will be exceedingly dif cult to identify characteristics common to all people with the diagnosis of CFS (Friedberg & Jason, 1998).
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Flash automatically performs type conversions to ensure that operators behave as
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Solution to Opening Dilemma
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guests to settle their accounts from their rooms (Figure 9-2). In some PMSs that feature in-room guest checkout, the guest can initiate the guest checkout the night before departing by following instructions located near the television set in the guest room. The guest can view a nal version of the folio on the television screen on the morning of checkout. This expedites the process by alerting the front of ce to have a hard copy ready for payment. If the guest has indicated that he or she will pay by credit card or direct billing (bill-to-account), the guest does not have to stop by the front desk to check out. A control procedure is built into the PMS to prevent a cash customer from using in-room checkout. A guest who is going to pay with cash has not established a line of credit with the hotel.
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Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of Windows. Click Run. A window opens. Type cmd in the blank, then click the OK button or press the Enter key.
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3 As mentioned earlier, the softswitch concept probably originated during the development of MGCP. A softswitch is sometimes referred to as a collection of software-de ned entities residing in general-purpose computers/servers. Theses entities help create, manage, control, and bill the telephone calls and related services. Therefore, a collection of servers hosting the H.323 GKs, SIP servers, MGC, SS7 SG, and so on could be considered a softswitch. International Softswitch Consortuium s website ( lists more than 100 small, medium-sized, and large softswitch vendors. 4 PSTN and Internet Inter-Networking (PINT): PINT uses the IP client and PINT server and allows invoking of telephone call service from the IP domain (see RFCs 3055, 2848, and 2458). 5 Service in the PSTN/IN Requesting Internet Service (SPIRITS): SPIRITS is developing clientserver-based architecture for graceful, secure interaction between intelligent networking or IN (PSTN) triggers and IP domain services. Preliminary services include Internet call waiting, caller ID, and call forwarding.
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Figure 9.3 The Kiosk application main window.
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