Approaches to Culture in Mainstream Social Psychology and in Early Cross-Cultural Psychology
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So what did Web developers do They learned a whole series of tricks to fake layout. For example, they used tables initially designed to group data in tabular form to emulate newspaper columns and magazine layouts. Browser publishers, including both Netscape and Microsoft, tried to expand their market share by creating browsers that support extensions, nonstandard additions to HTML that provide presentation capabilities. (The most egregious of these is probably Netscape s notorious blink extension, which enables Web authors to create text that blinks away annoyingly while you re trying to read the page.) What s the result of HTML s commercialization In brief, a mess. You can use the tricks and extensions to fake presentation with a Web page, but how it s going to look on a given computer and monitor is anyone s guess. HTML pages are crammed with HTML code that s been elaborated to a ridiculous extent to emulate magazine layouts, but editing and maintaining these pages is a costly nightmare. To correct errors in the text, you have to pick through reams of messy code. And suppose you create a whole series of pages, but later find they look terrible when displayed on a Macintosh. You d have to go back into each page and change the offending code. In short, the erosion of the structure versus presentation distinction has seriously damaged HTML s underlying purpose. What s worse, it s slowing down the Web s development. To be sure, creating a simple page is easier. But the cost of creating and maintaining HTML that generates professional-looking results is so prohibitive, many would-be content providers are shying away a bad scene!
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Positioning text with relative positioning
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Theoretical Models, Topics, and Issues
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A1 (Ch1) B3 (Ch3)
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Part III Digital Threats
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he projects presented so far have all been based on having the new brains of Roomba located remotely to it. From an RS-232 serial tether to a Wi-Fi connection, in all cases, Roomba is more of a telepresence device than a true robot. The term robot has come to have a flexible definition with the rising popularity of various telepresence/remote-control devices. The most egregious use of robot to mean remote-controlled machine are the battle bot programs on television. The contestants are billed as robots, but they re all controlled by humans through radio-control transmitters. Perhaps in a few years we ll have true robot battle shows where the machines are programmed, given a strategy, and let loose to fend for themselves. This chapter shows a few ways to sever the connection with a controlling computer and instead replace the microcontroller brain of Roomba with one you can program. You ll turn your Roomba into a truly autonomous reprogrammable robot. Like all projects in this book, this chapter doesn t harm Roomba and its original brain is available when you remove the new one you create. In theory you could reprogram the microcontroller chip inside the Roomba, as that s what the OSMO//hacker device does to upgrade a Roomba s firmware. iRobot has yet to release specifications on the protocol used to upgrade firmware. They likely never will. Allowing anyone to re-program Roomba is a sure way to brick it, resulting in unhappy customers. There has been some effort in reverse engineering the upgrade protocol, but with the release of the ROI it s become less of an issue, since it addresses most of what was wanted once you add your own microcontroller that speaks the ROI protocol.
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Private Function WorkbookIsOpen(wbname) As Boolean Returns TRUE if the workbook is open Dim x As Workbook On Error Resume Next Set x = Workbooks(wbname) If Err = 0 Then WorkbookIsOpen = True _ Else WorkbookIsOpen = False End Function
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6: Clean a Cluttered Desktop
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Transmit packet from flow f
Choose File > Import to Library. In the Import dialog box, locate and open the desired sound file.
191 Dynamic Port Numbers
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