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Sometimes, you ll want a variable to be available to all procedures in a module. If so, just declare the variable before the module s first procedure (outside of any procedures or functions). In the following example, the Dim statement is the first instruction in the module. Both MySub and YourSub have access to the CurrentValue variable.
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A general expression would be, for example, W 1 = f (g , ) g 2 (2.80)
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TABLE 24.2
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Sub Macro1() Range( A1 ).Select Selection.Copy Range( B1 ).Select ActiveSheet.Paste Application.CutCopyMode = False End Sub
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Consider again the houses data set. Suppose that the analyst had reason to believe that the four variables total rooms, total bedrooms, population, and households were
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Thermodynamics of Aqueous Systems
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Linking to the Emp_Sal_GT5K Table in Oracle on C2
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The outcrop area of the aquifer strata. As shown in Figure 10.1a c, an outcrop area can be assigned one of three different types of boundary conditions, depending on local circumstances and the scale of the modeled area. A fault bringing the aquifer rock mass into contact with essentially impermeable rock; this can only be designated zero ux boundary conditions (Figure 10.1d). (It should be noted that not all faults act as impermeable boundaries some fault planes are suf ciently permeable that they themselves behave as head-dependent ux boundaries or even speci ed head boundaries; Figure 10.1e). A river cutting into an aquifer (Figure 10.2a c). In general, the conditions along a river aquifer interface should be represented as a headdependent ux (10.2a). A speci ed ux might be a good alternative where the base ow in the stream is well known, and the period of simulation is brief (10.2b). The poorest choice for a river
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the pathological outcomes connected with shame, such as suicide and major depression (Tangney, Burggraf, & Wagner, 1995). Shame also seems to produce socially undesirable outcomes such as, for some people, a complete withdrawal from others. Other people, however, respond to shame with anger (Tangney et al., 1992). The shift from shame into anger may be a defensive effort to negate the global negative evaluation. There is some evidence that this shift in emotions can lead to violent outbursts (Baumeister et al., 1996). Kitayama, Markus, and Matsumoto (1995) have proposed that the movement from shame to anger re ects the independent selfhood model common to Western cultures and may not occur in cultures that emphasize more interdependent selves. In contrast, guilt is more reparable and less socially disruptive than shame. Guilt has a strong basis in relationships even when no transgression is involved. For example, some people feel survivor guilt because they have survived when others have died or suffered. The term originated in studies of survivors of the Holocaust and the Hiroshima bombing (Lifton, 1967). More recently, survivor guilt emerged during episodes of corporate downsizing, when people who kept their jobs felt guilty while others were red (Brockner, Davy, & Carter, 1985). In general, people may feel guilty when they outperform others (Exline & Lobel, 1999). According to Baumeister, Stillwell, and Heatherton (1994), guilt is mainly interpersonal and seems designed to strengthen relationships. People may try to avoid hurting close others because it makes them feel guilty. After a transgression, guilt makes people seek to make amends or rectify the situation in an attempt to repair the damage to the relationship. It makes people change their behavior so that they will not repeat the damaging behavior. It makes them try to live up to the expectations of others. Feeling guilty is sometimes bene cial to the relationship in and of itself, because guilty feelings con rm that the person cares about the relationship (even if the transgression made it appear that he or she did not care). In addition, people sometimes exaggerate how hurt or upset they are by another person s actions, in order to make that person feel guilty. The guilt makes the other person more willing to comply with the wishes of the person who felt hurt. This tactic can be used to redistribute power in a relationship: Guilt enables otherwise powerless people to sometimes get their way. Usually, the person who is hurt makes his or her feelings and disappointment clear. If the other person cares about your welfare, he or she will want to avoid hurting you, because hurting you will make him or her feel guilty. Hence the person will do what you want. Baumeister, Reis, and Delespaul (1995) con rmed that guilt plays an important role in close relationships. The authors asked participants to describe their most recent experiences of six different emotions, including guilt. These
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Anderson, K. J., 698 Anderson, L., 513 Anderson, R., 267, 314 Anderson, W. A., 870 Anderssen, N., 695, 703, 704 Andersson, S., 479 Andrade, D. R., 510 Andrade, E. L., 510 Andresen, E. M., 599 Andrews, F. M., 599 Andrews, G., 474 Andrich, D., 742, 744, 750 Angen, M., 581 Angleitner, A. M., 648, 649, 650 Angyal, A., 59 Annan, S. D., 320 Annesi, J. J., 44, 298, 499, 515 Annest, J. L., 379, 404 Anochin, P. K., 337 Anshel, M., 298, 299, 445, 449, 453, 459, 460, 829 Anson, G., 248 Anthony, J. C., 316 Anton, S. D., 518, 519 Antoni, M. H., 395 Antoniazzi, M., 410, 417, 418 Antonovsky, A., 385 Antonucci, T. C., 653 Apparies, R., 93, 95, 97, 106, 250 Appel, A., 366, 369 Aprile, T., 94, 95 Araki, K., 826, 827 Ara jo, D., 225, 226, 227, 228, 231, 233, 234 Araujo, T. L., 510 Arbour, K. P., 144 Arbreton, A. J. A., 647, 691 Archer, J., 13 Archer, T., 299 Arent, S. M., 140, 469, 475, 477, 478, 481, 482, 483, 484, 485, 498, 499, 501, 502, 572, 573 Arie, T. H., 498 Aristotle, N., 546, 547, 676, 677, 678 Arkowitz, H., 321 Armitage, C. J., 538, 541, 542, 553 Armstrong, L., 356, 603, 608, 626 Armstrong, N., 7 Arnold, P., 675, 677 Arnold, W., 654, 655 Arnon, M., 457, 458, 459, 461 Aronson, J., 439, 835 Artelt, C., 790 Arthur, K., 590, 591 Arzola, S. M., 583 Aschersleben, G., 335, 344 Asci, F. H., 789, 828 Ashburner, J., 473 Ashcraft, M. H., 430 Ashe, M. C., 355 Ashford, K. J., 436, 440 Ashmore, R. D., 827, 835 Ashton-Shaeffer, C., 849
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Key Thumbnail View Keys M P Home End Enter/SpaceBar Left, Right, Up, Down Image View Keys P ],3 [,1 7 9 2 4 Start/Stop SlideShow Rotate image right 90 degrees Rotate image left 90 degrees Zoom out of image Zoom into image Scroll image up Scroll image left Toggle the menu Start SlideShow Go to the first image in thumbnail view Go to the last image in thumbnail view Open a Directory/View an image Navigate through images/directories Action
(Alice realizes she has something to say.) Hey, Bob Yes, Alice (Communication begins)
cost of the service, this process typically takes 5 to 20 days for the seller to receive his or her money. Unlike the traditional credit card payment, in which payment is received before goods are shipped, in the escrow model, funds are only received once the consumer veri es receipt of the goods or service. In general, these services are pretty reliable, and they offer a valuable tool for merchants. The best application for this tool is in higher cost goods, nonveri able identities, or cross-border transactions. How Buyers Are Protected  Shipments are tracked, and delivery con rmation is required.  The seller isn t paid until the buyer accepts the goods or services. How Sellers Are Protected  The escrow provider is responsible for con rming the consumer has received the goods.  The seller doesn t have to ship the goods until the escrow service has con rmed the funds are good.
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