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Fig. 4.17 Development of the hippocampus in storing (marsh tits) and nonstoring species (blue tits). (From Healey et al. 1994. Reproduced with permission of Elsevier.)
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Part I Some Essential Background
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typically stay overnight or a few days. Motels may be located near a freestanding restaurant.
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Alphabetize Your Bookmarks Change the Lineup of Your Bookmarks Organize Your Bookmarks Enhance Your Folders Turn on the Status Bar Turn on the Address Bar Get Organized with New Folders Create Desktop Shortcuts for Folders Create Desktop Shortcuts for Windows Programs Unfreeze the Disk Cleanup Program View File Details Get Quick Dimensions of Digital Photos View Thumbnails of Digital Photos Show Files in Groups
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KeepDynamic.com/qr codes ALOHA The ALOHA channel-access protocol [37] is generally considered the rst channel-access protocol for wireless digital communications to employ random access. The ALOHA communication system was part of a wireless time-sharing system used to connect a mainframe computer near Honolulu with remote users on other Hawaiian islands. The network therefore had a star topology; it was assigned two radio channels, one for inbound traf c and one for outbound traf c. All traf c was in the form of xed-length frames, each 704 bits long (including identi cation, control, payload, and parity bits). Since there was only one source of outbound traf c, the mainframe computer, there was no medium-access control issue on that channel. In the other direction, however, a method was needed to assign the single inbound channel among the multiple remote users. This was a nontrivial problem, especially since there was no guarantee that the remote users could hear each other. The ALOHA channel-access scheme that was developed to address this issue is elegant in its simplicity, and operates as follows: Remote devices simply transmit each frame as soon as it is generated, on the inbound channel. The transmissions are completely asynchronous and independent of those that may (or may not) be transmitted by other remote devices. If and only if a frame is received without error at the mainframe, an acknowledgment frame is sent to the remote device via the outbound channel. If a remote device does not receive the acknowledgment frame within a time-out period, it waits a random length of time and then retransmits the entire frame. Assuming that message generation follows Poisson statistics, it can be shown that the ALOHA system becomes unstable (i.e., the number of retransmissions grows without bound) when the fraction of time the channel is utilized exceeds 1/(2e) % 0.184. This relatively low value is the major drawback to ALOHA channel access, and modifying ALOHA to increase its channel utilization (and therefore channel capacity) has been of much research interest. One of the rst approaches taken was to realize that a single transmitted frame could collide with two frames one starting before it and one starting after it had started and that the frame collision rate could be halved, and therefore the channel capacity doubled, by quantizing time into slots, then synchronizing the remote users so that frame transmission could only start at the beginning of each slot. Frames would not be transmitted as soon as they were generated, as in ALOHA, but would be held in queue until the beginning of the next slot. This became known as slotted ALOHA [38], and has a capacity of 1/e % 0.368 (see Fig. 8.6). Slotted or nonslotted, the ALOHA protocol is quite simple, and is often used as part of more complex medium-access methods (e.g., PRMA, described in Section One advantage is in asymmetrically powered star networks, in which the controller is mains powered but the remote devices have limited power resources, and in which communication is initiated solely by the remote devices. In these applications, using ALOHA, the initiating device(s) may stay asleep until a message is generated, then wake up, transmit the message, receive the acknowledgment, and return to sleep. The responding device must keep its receiver constantly active, but the initiating device may have an extremely low duty cycle, since it need only
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Essentials of Error-Control Coding
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Data Labels
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Have your computer s speakers suddenly gone silent Then one of these xes should do the trick:
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There exists a nonsingular
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Of course, it is possible to use the same content for all terminals by adhering to the lowest common denominator in this case, short textual descriptions. However, the owners of high-capability terminals would not nd the service satisfactory, as it does not take advantage of the features of their terminals. A service that strives to be successful has to provide each terminal with content that adequately utilizes the capabilities of the terminal. Even this complex picture of terminal diversity is a simpli cation of the reality we are facing. For example, of those terminals that support color images, the maximum resolution of supported images varies, as do supported image formats and the maximum size of multimedia messages that the terminal can receive. Similarly, the processing power of a phone affects how high-resolution videos it is able to play or the complexity of the games it can offer. However, terminal diversity is only one part of the problem. The bandwidth available to terminals varies, both because of terminal capabilities (whether it supports Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN, or UMTS) and because of network characteristics and coverage. Thus, at different times different content might be suitable even for the same terminal. For example, when a user is outside densely populated areas, there is likely no UMTS coverage and only GPRS is available. In this case, a high-quality streaming audio or video should be replaced by a lower-quality streaming to meet bandwidth limitations. Reducing the quality of Webpages for low-band-
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