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The command bar s top position in pixels. Returns an integer that represents the type of command bar. Possible values are:
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p(x, y) log o(x)b(x|y)
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Elias is a 37-year-old African-American computer programmer who is seeking psychotherapy for symptoms of anxiety and depression. He has recently had several poor job performance ratings and has been told that he is not a team player. The following is a sample of his responses on a sentence completion test. Most fathers don t spend enough time with their sons. I used to feel that I was being held back by my lack of people skills. My father always doesn t understand me. I was most annoyed when my Dad poohpoohed my ideas. At times he worried about getting bad reviews at work. I felt most dissatisfied when I did not get the recognition I thought I should. Sometimes I feel that my boss doesn t care about my career interests. He felt inferior when he got bad reviews at work relating to his people skills.
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This library is made available for public consumption through the FreeType Project ( under both the BSD-Like FreeType and GPL licenses. The source code is available in various file formats: JPEG TIFF LibPNG download
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