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include paid employment, academic work, training and development activities, and voluntary work. Candidates must arrange supervision from an approved Chartered Health Psychologist. A contract of supervision, indicating payment, is drawn up. Candidates devise a formal supervision plan that includes a work plan outlining core competencies addressed with target dates, details of evidence that will demonstrate satisfactory completion of competencies, name of supervisor, expected date of completion of stage 2, and any additional training and development activities needed. To achieve the stage 2 quali cation, candidates must demonstrate competencies in all 19 areas. No exemptions are permitted. All candidates are bound by the BPS Code of Conduct. The role of the supervisor is to: Oversee the preparation and review of the supervision plan. Countersign the supervision plan, supervision log, and supporting evidence, and ll in the required sections of the completion forms. Provide information. Listen to the views and concerns of the candidates concerning their work in progress and advise as appropriate. Encourage re ection, creativity, problem solving, and the integration of theory into practice. The examination consists of an oral examination and the submission of a portfolio of evidence of competencies. The portfolio should include a practice diary, supervision log, records of completion, supporting evidence, and any additional clari cation. Candidates are enrolled for a minimum of two years, and a maximum of ve years. When full membership of the Division of Health Psychology has been gained, members become Chartered Health Psychologists and they are listed in the British Psychological Society s Register.
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The Psychosexual Stage Model Age Range 0 18 months Developmental Task Moving from infantile dependency toward autonomy and selfsuf ciency Learning to exercise control over one s body, one s impulses, and other people Mastering competitive urges and acquiring gender role related behaviors Investing energy in con ict-free (nonsexual) tasks and activities Mature sexuality (blending of sexuality and intimacy) Associated Character Traits Dependency
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Since dry-sausage manufacture, unlike the dairy industry, does not have the advantage of pasteurization for reducing undesired
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scores: Verbal, Quantitative, Analytic, and Psychology, the latter being administered in a separate testing session. The Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical sections make up the GRE General Test while the Psychology portion is one of many GRE Subject Tests. The GRE General Test and Subject Tests are administered at different times. A total of 800 points is possible in each area. Each score has a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 100. Generally, graduate programs will focus on the combined Verbal/Quantitative total, looking for approximately 1,200 (e.g., 600 Verbal, 600 Quantitative) as a common cutoff. Higher scores on the Psychology section of the GRE are often expected by high-quality graduate programs (i.e., above 600). However, a recent study (Norcross, Sayette, & Mayne, 2002) revealed that the mean GRE scores for graduate programs in clinical psychology is 581 (SD = 46) for the Quantitative measure, 580 (SD = 48) for the Verbal scale, 579 (SD = 46) for the Analytic scale, and 587 (SD = 47) for the Psychology subject test. According to this study, GRE scores tended to be higher among research-oriented PhD programs compared with, for example, practiceoriented PhD or PsyD graduate programs. Lawson (1995) reports mean GRE scores for incoming psychology doctoral students of 598 (Verbal), 612 (Quantitative), 633 (Analytic), and 616 (Psychology). The average combined verbal and quantitative score for doctoral programs in clinical psychology is 1,206. Most programs will rarely consider applicants with scores below 500 in each of the subject areas (Norcross et al., 2002). Many students obtain self-study GRE materials or enroll in GRE preparatory classes offered by several companies such as Stanley Kaplan in order to help maximize their performance. Students unable to afford the costs of these preparatory programs are well advised to discipline themselves to study and prepare on their own or with friends in order to maximize performance. There are many self-study
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Figure 1-5
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Reagents and Materials Nonsterile HCl, 12 N
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