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physical constants used by the system are also very important. For example, the speed of light, introduced in the above system of equations, must be 299,792,458 m/s for GPS (and not 3 108 m/s).19 The satellite s location is provided by the satellite through the so-called ephemeris, just as in the early days of navigation where there was the need for Sun location ephemeris for latitude determination. Here, ephemeris has to be a little bit more accurate, because of the increased accuracy needed. A new question arises from this discussion do we need to take into account the displacement of the satellite while it is transmitting its signal to the receivers In other words, has the time of propagation between the satellites and the receiver to be taken into account To give part of the answer to this question, let us just remember some elementary facts concerning the three major constellations, existing or future. The orbits of the satellites have been chosen in order to provide a full coverage of the Earth. This is therefore a compromise between the number of satellites, their height (involving the power to be transmitted and then the life-time of the satellites), and the number of satellites visible from any terrestrial place. Remember that the GLONASS satellites are at an altitude of 19,100 km, those of GPS at 20,200 km, and those of Galileo at 23,200 km. In such conditions, it appears that the velocity of the satellites is around 3675 m/s for Galileo, 3870 m/s for GPS, and 3950 m/s for GLONASS.20 The distances separating the satellites from the receiver once again depend on the constellation. Considering the nearest and the farthest satellites for each constellation, one obtains 19,100 km and 24,680 km for GLONASS, 20,200 km and 25,820 km for GPS, and 23,222 km and 28,920 km for Galileo. These values lead directly to the propagation time (considering the speed of light to be the speed of the satellite signals, which is good enough for this limited demonstration) of 64 ms and 82 ms for GLONASS signals, 67 ms and 86 ms for GPS, and 77 ms and 96 ms for Galileo. It is thus now possible to extract the distances traveled by the satellite during the time of transmission. This gives 252 m (respectively 325 m) for GLONASS, 260 m (respectively 333 m) for GPS, and 285 m (respectively 355 m) for the smaller distance (respectively larger distance). It can easily be seen that it is not possible to neglect this time of ight for the calculation of satellite location, without having a direct effect on positioning accuracy. Indeed, to achieve a positioning accurate to a few meters, the accuracy of the satellite s location must be much smaller than the above values (typically a few meters). Thus, the location needed is actually the location where the satellite was at the instant it transmitted the signal that the receiver received at the time of measurement, that is, a few tens of milliseconds before. The orbital modeling implemented in GNSS is to provide the receiver with parameters that enable the calculation of the location of the satellites at each time.
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psychosocial variables may be implicated in the initiation, course (exacerbations versus quiescence) and outcomes (morbidity, mortality) of asthma; psychological interventions have a role in the treatment of asthma as a complement to the use of medications.
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Although you create your page carefully, you should expect some mistakes to occur. HTML validating can help you 1. Find blatant HTML errors (such as the errors listed in the section, Watch for These Common HTML Mistakes, found earlier in this chapter). Validating also finds misspellings in tags or attributes. 2. Find out whether your page complies with your rules. 3. Find out if any parts of your page are difficult to render in speech-synthesizing browsers or Braille browsers. 4. Find out whether your page works with all major browsers.
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7: Making RoombaView . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131
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As he observed and considered what may be gained or lost by this unusual policy, Kottke noticed that Ralph was serving an extraordinary number of customers. To con rm this suspicion, he went and watched two other similar vendors nearby. On average, both spent twice as much time with each customer and served half as many in a given time period. Kottke is no economist, but it was immediately apparent to him that Ralph trusts his customers, and that they both appreciate and return that sense of trust (I know I do). He also noticed something that often eludes us. When an environment of trust is created, he writes, good things start happening. Ralph can serve twice as many customers. People get their coffee in half the time. Due to this time-saving, people become regulars. Regulars provide Ralph s business with stability, a good reputation, and with customers who have an interest in making correct change (to keep the line moving and keep Ralph in business). Lots of customers who make correct change increase Ralph s pro t margin. Etc. Etc. Kottke observed, in a rsthand anecdotal way, a quanti cation of trust in action. Because Ralph trusts his customers to make honest change, he is able to serve far more of them than his competitors serve. In economic terms, Ralph reduced his transaction costs by substituting trust for the labor of making change. A cost-bene t analysis would probably reveal that what he loses in dishonesty or error he more than makes up for in gross sales volume. Additionally, although increased volume results in less of the person-to-person service time that you would suspect is necessary to build customer loyalty, Ralph s customer loyalty seems anecdotally to have increased. The introduction of trust had an unintended consequence for his business: It made customers more likely to get their daily doughnut x from him rather than his competitor down the block. Trust is a funny thing, one of those soft things that we often rush by. What s not so funny is how often it lies at the center of our challenges and opportunities. Trust is like the air we breathe, Warren Buffett said. When it s present, nobody really notices. But when it s absent, everybody notices. 2 That is because trust allows us to function in times of uncertainty. When the Certainty Gap that space between the unpredictable nature of the world and our ideal vision of stability grows, we look for something to ll it. That something is trust. Trust calms the fears that uncertainty breeds. In times of high uncertainty, therefore, we pay more attention to the source of trust: human con-
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Target of Intervention
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