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Audio, image, Watermarking and video technology for audio, image, and video DVD-audio Patented technology for inserting watermarks into DVD-audio and SDMI Phase 1 files Inserts and retrieves invisible watermarks in video Inserts and retrieves 3D watermarks in grayscale and 3D images and volumes
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Part III Developing Document Structure with HTML 4
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/** Called when the page is loaded. */ function onLoad() { /* Set up show/hide handles which we ll use to start and * stop the update timer. */ if (window.widget) { widget.onshow = onShowHandler; widget.onhide = onHideHandler; } /* Need to call the Show handler manually first time. */ onShowHandler(); return 0; }
Secure servers versus secure directories. Whether you will be required to publish all your secure pages in one directory or whether they can be anywhere on your server is really a policy issue. Just as with managing your media files, you may find placing all your secure pages (pages with which you communicate using the https protocol) in a single directory more convenient.
Probably not. In addition to deleting your macros, make sure that you also delete the VBA module in which they were stored.
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