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subsequent research would pro tably aim at identifying what those ingredients are, what mechanisms underlay their causal in uence, and what this information tells us about the nature and mechanisms of the disorder being treated. (Given the important ethical and scienti c limitations often present in the use of pure psychological placebo conditions, a work group from a National Institute of Mental Health conference has recently recommended a discontinuation of the placebo control condition in psychotherapy outcome research [cf. Borkovec & Onken, in press]). Although many types of nonspeci c control groups that have been used in past research have suffered from the previously described problems, one common factors condition is less severely handicapped by these dif culties. If one does decide to use a common factors control group, perhaps the best type of choice involves the provision of a nondirective or supportive listening condition. In such a condition, the therapist provides supportive and re ective statements in response to the content and affect contained in the client s verbal and nonverbal communications. This condition nds its origins in early Rogerian therapy and thus has theoretical foundations for its change mechanisms. Secondly, the therapeutic relationship factors contained in that theory and represented by supportive listening techniques are widely accepted by the eld as critical background elements in any speci c therapeutic approach; the condition thus represents a signi cant core of what is often meant by the phrase common factors. Given their ubiquitous nature throughout varying therapeutic approaches, these techniques are thus part of common clinical practice. Finally, in this sense, the use of this particular control condition approximates the employment of the component control (or dismantling) design, which will be described in a moment: An experimental therapy (speci c plus common components) is being compared to one of its components (i.e., the set of common components). Speci cation of the exact active ingredients remains impossible, but at least the other problems previously mentioned are minimized. In the Penn State research program investigating the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), Borkovec and Costello (1993) compared the effectiveness of nondirective therapy (ND), applied relaxation (AR), and a full cognitivebehavioral package (CBT) which consisted of AR plus imagery rehearsal of coping skills and cognitive therapy. Although the investigation employed a dismantling design (described in the next section) by comparing AR to a more complete CBT package, the ND condition was instituted in an attempt to control for common factors. Results indicated that both the component treatment condition (AR) and the full CBT package were superior to ND at posttreatment, and the full CBT package caused greater clinically signi cant
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Controlling Roomba through a Web Page
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Fig. 1.2 The further away from the nest Tinbergen placed the eggshells, the lower the risk that the nest would be discovered by crows and the eggs eaten. (Data from Tinbergen, N. (1963) The shell menace. Natural History, 72, 28 35.)
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Whether you choose a WYSIWYG or a tag-based editor to create your HTML, you ll be wise to spend some time exploring the various features offered by the current crop of HTML software. Depending on your needs, some of them may offer features and programs that may make you work more efficiently. If you don t choose carefully, you might get stuck with a program that doesn t do something you need and this means more tedious, manual work for you. Work-wise, creating and launching your Web site is just the beginning of a creative adventure. All sites should take their guests on an interesting journey, and the first visit should offer a reason to return, and on subsequent visits, the guest needs to experience a site that grows and evolves over time. Web sites are living, dynamic documents. For this reason, you ll want a program that makes updating them easy. WYSIWYG HTML editors make producing your initial site easy, but often come up short when it s time to update. Whichever route you take, WYSIWYG or tag-based, you need to be able to make changes to your pages frequently. The following sections explore some of the features found in today s HTML editors. To select the right features for your needs, consider what you re planning to do. You won t necessarily need all the features listed. If you want to create a few simple pages, for instance, you won t need site maintenance features. But you won t want to live without those features if you plan to create a huge, complex site with dozens, or even hundreds, of Web pages.
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Understanding Wi-Fi
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id, class, lang, dir, events, title, style, char, charoff span: number of columns included in group char: specifies a single character within a text fragment to act
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Steganography Source Code
Example 2. A transmitter has an output of 500 mW, the line losses are 5.5 dB, and the antenna gain is 39 dB. What is the EIRP in dBm Convert the transmitter output to dBm, which add [Ref. 3]: EIRP +27 dBm. Now simply algebraically
Polygenic phenotypes
Two Distinct Psychologies of Emotion
Choosing publish settings for PNG files PNG is the only cross-platform bitmap format that supports transparency (an alpha channel). It is also the native file format for Macromedia Fireworks. Flash exports the first frame in the movie as a PNG, unless you mark a different keyframe for export by entering the frame label #Static.
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