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Figure 3.2 Original instance.
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As the term implies, conditional request headers render the HTTP request message conditional. In other words, it is recommended that the server build a customized response according to the conditions described by the request headers. Table 3.16 lists the conditional request headers for HTTP/1.1. The If-Modi ed-Since conditional request header indicates to the server whether to return the requested variant. For example, when a user agent requests a resource, the entity is returned only if the requested variant has been modi ed since the time speci ed in this header. If not, a 304 Not Modi ed response code is returned without any message body. This minimizes the number of bytes sent to the client in case the response is valid.
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Let vk 2 0; 1 p be a variable that encodes the ith i 1; . . . ; ck cluster center at the kth i step. The aim of the participatory mechanism is to learn the value of vk , using a stream of i data xk 2 0; 1 p . In other words, xk is used as a vehicle to learn about vk . We say that the i learning process is participatory if the contribution of each data xk to the learning process depends on its acceptance by the current estimate of vk as being valid. Implicit in this idea i is that, to be useful and to contribute to the learning of vk , observations xk must somehow i be compatible with current estimates of vk . i In ePL, the objects of learning are cluster structures. Cluster structures are characterized by their cluster centers (prototypes). More formally, given an initial cluster structure, a set of vectors vk 2 0; 1 p ; i 1; . . . ; ck , updates in ePL proceed i using a compatibility measure, rk 2 0; 1 , and an arousal index, ak 2 0; 1 . Whereas rk i i i measures how much a data point is compatible with the current cluster structure, the arousal index ak acts as a critic to remind when the current cluster structure should be i revised in front of new information contained in data. Figure 4.1 summarizes the main constituents and functioning of the participatory learning. Due to its unsupervised, self-organizing nature, the PL clustering procedure may at each step create a new cluster or modify existing ones. If the arousal index is greater than a threshold value t 2 0; 1 , then a new cluster is created. Otherwise, the ith cluster center, the one most compatible with xk , is adjusted as follows: vk 1 vk G xk vi i i where Gk a rk i i a 2 0; 1 is the learning rate, and rk 1 i jjxk vi jj p 4:5 4:4 4:3
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Variable-Length Subnet Masks
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Using operators to manipulate values in expressions
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Trigonometric Function Values for Angles Greater than 90
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Technology of Mold-Ripened Sausages: Raw Materials
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The improvement of positioning due to satellite systems was real in terms of availability, coverage, and accuracy when compared to terrestrial systems, and more speci cally to LORAN. However, there were still some limitations that prohibited the spread of TRANSIT to aviation or terrestrial forces, for example. The rst was limited coverage due to the limited constellation, followed by the fact that the Doppler shift of the receiver was not taken into account, making it necessary to remain static while measuring (which is quite dif cult to achieve when traveling by plane), and also the fact that only two-dimensional positioning was possible. This last point is of no real importance when at sea, but is absolutely crucial with a plane. New speci cations were therefore required to provide improvements. The main speci cations of TRANSIT can be summarized as follows:
an acceptable level the occurrence of a foodsafety hazard. In meat products processing steps, there are external or intrinsic factors, such as temperature, time, pH, moisture or aw, salt concentration, additives concentration, and acidity, that can be measured (quantitative parameters) and routinely monitored according to a xed schedule. The maximum level of tolerance at a CCP will be de ned as the critical limit. These critical limits are established based on published data (scienti c literature, in-house and supplier speci cations, regulatory guidelines), experimental data,
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