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Psychosocial Factors in Diabetes Management
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The following individuals contributed to this chapter: Andy Aftelak (Motorola LTD, UK), Luca Galli (Neos, Italy), Annakaisa H yrynen (Elisa, Finland), Ulla Killstr m (Elisa, Finland), Esko a o Kurvinen (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland), Harri Lehmuskallio (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland), Mia L hteenm ki (Nokia, Finland), Kevin Mercer (Motorola a a LTD, UK), and Antti Salovaara (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland).
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Figure 4.3 Different perspectives of the dynamic coordinate system: (a) the dynamic system, and (b) routing in a wireless sensor network.
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Y = XV + Z, where Z is additive noise, V is a random variable representing fading, and Z and V are independent of each other and of X. Argue that knowledge of the fading factor V improves capacity by showing that I (X; Y |V ) I (X; Y ). 9.6 Parallel channels and water- lling. Gaussian channels: Y1 Y2 = X1 X2 Consider a pair of parallel + Z1 Z2
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learned to deny the validity of their own wishes and emotions and instead have adopted as true the values and precepts set forth by others. The disparity they sense between their own urges and the behaviors they must display to avoid condemnation often leads to omnipresent physical tensions and rigid psychological controls. Readers who have reached this nal paragraph on the basic three polarities that undergird all physical forms and organic species should have a foundation to move onto our next series of polarities, those which are distinctly human that is, these polarities relate to personality attributes found almost exclusively in the human species that set us off from all earlier forms of evolution and that pertain to the higher powers and adaptive functions of abstraction and their constituent cognitive modes. THE DISTINCTLY HUMAN POLARITIES OF EVOLUTION This group of personality attributes incorporates the sources employed to gather knowledge about the experience of life and the manner in which this information is registered and transformed. Here, we are looking at styles of cognizing differences ( rst) in what people attend to in order to learn about life, and (second) how they process information: what they do to record this knowledge and make it useful to themselves. Predilections of Abstraction The cognitive features of intelligence are judged by me to be central elements in personological derivations. Comprising the fourth and most recent stage of evolution, they comprise the re ective capacity to transcend the immediate and concrete, they interrelate and synthesize the diversity of experience, they represent events and processes symbolically, they weigh, reason, and anticipate; in essence, they signify a quantum leap in evolution s potential for change and adaptation. Cognitive differences among individuals and the manner in which they are expressed have been much overlooked in generating and appraising personality attributes. With an occasional notable exception or two, little of the recent socalled revolution in cognitive science that has profoundly affected contemporary psychology has impacted the study of personology. Historically, the realms of intellect, aptitude, and ability have not been considered to be personality-related spheres of study. In my view, personology should be broadened to encompass the whole person, an organically uni ed and unsegmented totality. Consequently, cognitive dimensions and
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Ashton-Shaeffer, C., Gibson, H., Holt, M., & Williming, C. (2001). Women s resistance and empowerment through wheelchair sport. World Leisure Journal, 43(4), 11 21. Asken, M. J., & Goodling, M. D. (1986). Sport psychology: An undeveloped discipline from among the sport sciences for disabled athletes. Adapted Physical Activit y Quarterly, 3, 312 319. Blinde, E. M., & McClung, L. R. (1997). Enhancing the physical and social self through recreational activity: Accounts of individuals with physical disabilities. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 14, 327 344. Blinde, E. M., & Taub, D. E. (1999). Personal empowerment through sport and physical fitness activity: Perspectives from male college students with physical and sensory disabilities. Journal of Sport Behavior, 22, 181 202. Boundy, K. (2002). Stress does not affect race performance in skiers with a disability. New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine, 30(2), 36 43. Bressan, E. S., & Rossouw, C. C. (2002). Sources of enjoyment in sport reported by South African sports participants with visual impairments. S.A. Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, 24, 1 15. Brewer, B. W., Van Raalte, J. L., & Linder, D. E. (1993). Athletic identity: Hercules muscles or Achilles heel International Journal of Sport Psychology, 24, 237 254. Campbell, E. (1995). Psychological well-being of participants in wheelchair sports: Comparison of individuals with congenital and acquired disabilities. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 81, 563 568. Campbell, E., & Jones, G. (1994). Psychological well-being in wheelchair sport participants and nonparticipants. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 11, 404 415. Campbell, E., & Jones, G. (2002). Sources of stress experienced by elite male wheelchair basketball players. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 19, 82 99. Chatterjee, A., & Southwood, H. (1995). Cortical blindness and visual imagery. Neurology, 45, 2189 2195. Chi, L. (2004). Achievement goal theory. In T. Morris & J. Summers (Eds.), Sport psychology: Theory, applications and issues (2nd ed., pp. 152 174). Milton, Queensland, Australia: Wiley. Clark, R. A., & Sachs, M. L. (1991). Challenges and opportunities in psychological skills training in deaf athletes. Sport Psychologist, 5, 392 398. Conatser, P., Block, M., & Gansneder, B. (2002). Aquatic instructors beliefs toward inclusion: The theory of planned behavior. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 19, 172 187. Cooper, M. A., Sherrill, C., & Marshall, D. (1986). Attitudes toward physical activity of elite cerebral palsied athletes. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 3, 14 21.
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Thermodynamics of Aqueous Systems
When we apply these schedules to the copies of X in LA and NY, we end up with X = 33 in LA and X = 35 in NY as shown below:
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