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sured by the mean number of putts holed during the last training session). If pressure prompts attention to execution, and this attention to performance has differential effects as a function of skill level (i.e., novice performers benefit from attention to performance, but highly skilled individuals are harmed), another possible interpretation of the results of Masters s study is that pressure-induced attention to performance aided the implicit learning group because they were less skilled, whereas the explicit group, operating at a higher skill level, was harmed by such attention. Recent work shows, however, that it is possible to circumvent this issue regarding differences in performance after training in explicit and implicit motor learning conditions via prolonged periods of practice (Maxwell, Masters, & Eves, 2000). And, moreover, there is a growing body of work suggesting that implicit training may prove to be a useful tool in preventing choking under pressure (Poolton, Maxwell, & Masters, 2004, 2005). Thus, more work is needed to further our understanding of the inoculation benefits that implicit learning may afford in terms of success under stress (MacMahon & Masters, 2002; see also Masters, 2000, for a discussion of implicit learning and its consequences). OTHER FORMS OF CHOKING In an earlier section of this chapter we spent time outlining what we felt choking under pressure was and what it was not. Not only is it important to agree on a concrete operational definition of choking, but it is also imperative that we understand similarities and differences between what we have termed choking under pressure and other performance-failure phenomena. We outline two such types of failures that have received considerable interest in sport. Our goal is to try to understand how these failures relate to the choking research presented earlier. The Yips The yips have been described as a disruption in the execution of a fine motor skill as a result of involuntary jerks, tremors, and spasms of the extremities. The yips are often accompanied by increased levels of anxiety and a heightened fear of failure. Although the yips are most often talked about in relation to golf putting, they have also been documented in other complex motor skills, such as in cricket (Bawden & Maynard, 2001). The yips have commonly been described in one of two ways: as a form of dystonia or as a type of choking under pressure (A. M. Smith et al., 2003). Dystonia is a neurolog-
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(b) Expanded Durov diagram
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6.4.3 Trellis Representation
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Journal entries provide the instructions needed to create and maintain accounts that reflect all transactions of a business entity. A journal entry must, as a minimum, consist of two accounts. There must be at least one debit and one credit entry, and the sum of the debits and credits must be equal. Ledger accounts are identified by name and are described as being normally either debit- or credit-balanced, based on its category of account. Each ledger account has two specific columns that are identified to receive numerical values. The left column is identified to receive only debit entries and the right column receives only credit entries. The category of an account will determine if an entry in the left or right column of a ledger account will increase or decrease the balance of an account. The debit credit rules of whether entries increase or decrease the balance for each category of balance sheet accounts are as follows: generate data matrix
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tion programs offer education and support for those with serious illnesses. The American Cancer Society, along with other organizations, offers group support programs to help those coping with terminal or other forms of cancer. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a wellknown example of a tertiary prevention program. AA started in 1935 and provides over 23,000 support groups in 90 countries around the globe (Nathan, 1993). AA uses a 12-step treatment approach that involves confidential group support for alcoholics. AA members report a very high degree of satisfaction with the program (Consumer Reports, 1995; Hogan, 1996) and some research suggests that participation in AA is effective (e.g., Finney & Moos, 1998).
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E11.2 The following information is available regarding sales revenue for March, April, and May, year 2004: Credit card sales are collected on the average of every three days and the amount remaining uncollected at the end of the month represents 8 percent of the month s credit card sales revenue. Accounts receivable sales are collected in the month following the sales. Using the following information regarding sales, calculate the cash inflow for the months of April and May, year 2004. March Sales revenue Cash sales [35% of sales] Credit card sales [60% of sales] Accounts receivable sales [5% of sales] $42,000 14,700 25,200 2,100 April $44,000 15,400 26,400 2,200 May $44,800 15,680 26,880 2,240
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Clinical Psychology
When you edit a symbol, Flash updates all the instances of that symbol in the movie. Flash provides three ways for you to edit symbols. You can edit the symbol in context with the other objects on the Stage using the Edit in Place command. Other objects are dimmed to distinguish them from the symbol you are editing. The name of the symbol you are editing is displayed in an information bar at the top of the Stage, to the right of to the current scene name. You can also edit a symbol in a separate window, using the Edit in New Window command. Editing a symbol in a separate window lets you see both the symbol and the main Timeline at the same time. The name of the symbol you are editing is displayed in the information bar at the top of the Stage. You edit the symbol by changing the window from the Stage view to a view of only the symbol, using symbol-editing mode. The name of the symbol you are editing is displayed in the information bar at the top of the Stage, to the right of the current scene name.
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