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producing a minimum number of hops of about jSDj=Rc between source S and destination D. Euclidean stretch factor and dilation can be de ned in a similar way by utilizing Euclidean distance instead of hop count. Xing et al. [6] studied the dilation properties of sensing covered networks by utilizing a known upper bound of the Euclidean stretch factor of Delaunay triangulations (DTs). This well-studied graph structure can be de ned as the twin of the Voronoi diagrams. For a set of n nodes in two-dimensional (2D) space, the Voronoi diagram partitions the plane into n Voronoi regions Vor (U), while each Voronoi region contains all points in the plane that are closest to U (see the face surrounding node F in Fig. 12.2, for instance). The DT can be obtained by connecting each node pair (U, V) that shares a common boundary in the Voronoi diagram (see the dotted lines in Fig. 12.2). It is proved in ref. [6] that the DT is a subgraph of a sensing covered network when the double-range property holds. This result and the known upper bound of the Euclidean stretch factor of DTs is nally used to derive a constant upper bound for the network dilation in a sensing covered network that has the doublerange property. Additionally, it is observed that any DT edge is shorter than 2Rs . Thus, when range ratio Rc/Rs increases, the shortest path found in the DT gets signi cantly longer than the shortest possible path in the complete network, since all edges longer than 2Rs are ignored by the DT. Besides the results based on DT, properties of greedy routing are investigated in ref. [6] as well. It is proved that greedy routing will always nd a routing path between any two nodes if the sensing covered network has a convex network boundary and the double-range property holds. Additionally, the progress made in each routing step is at least Rc 2Rs closer to the destination than the current forwarding node. Furthermore, the latter result is used in order to estimate the quality of the routing path produced by greedy routing. It is observed that in a sensing covered network with the double-range property the path (from source S to destination D) found by greedy routing is always no longer than about jSDj= Rc 2Rs .
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This procedure accesses the ListIndex property of the ListBox to determine which item is selected (if the ListIndex is 1, it means nothing is selected). Then the appropriate macro is executed.
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Clostridium perfringens occupies an interesting position, since it is both a food-borne infection agent as well as a food-borne intoxication agent. On the one hand, the susceptible person has to ingest large numbers of viable C. perfringens before coming down with a food-poisoning case, and on the other hand, the organism produces an enterotoxin to cause the illness. In 2002 in the United States, there were 57 outbreaks and 2,772 cases, with no deaths reported. It is estimated, however, that 250,000 cases occur annually, with an average of 7.6 deaths per year at an
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The family is composed of father Giovanni (33), mother Maria (29), and their daughter Elisa, who is aged 20 months. F.1: Traveling by Car on What Will Turn Out to be a Bad Friday Maria and her daughter Elisa are in the car. Her husband Giovanni is still working. It s the afternoon, around 4.30p.m.
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Cryptography and Network Security
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table because the recovery index is not the same across all studies. Direct numerical comparisons should be made within a given study, and not across different experiments. The measures do have the common characteristic that recovery performance improves as the index approaches 1.00, which indicates perfect cluster recovery. The simulation results in Table 7.2 contain some important lessons for the applied user. In most cases, there appears to be an advantage in favor of Ward s (1963) method and the - exible approach. Performing somewhat more erratically, the group-average method can be competitive as gauged by cluster recovery, but not always. The effectiveness of the - exible approach from these studies led to some improvements on this method by Milligan (1989a) and Belbin, Faith, and Milligan (1992). A particularly important result seen in Table 7.2 is that the single-link method has consistently performed poorly, even in the case of error-free data where distinct clustering exists. Furthermore, single link is especially sensitive to most any form of error added to the data. Cheng and Milligan (1995a, 1996a) also demonstrated that the single-link method was remarkably sensitive to outliers present in the data. That is, the method can be adversely affected by the presence of only one outlier. An outlier in a clustering context refers to an entity that does not fall within the general region of any cluster. Although some authors have argued that the method possesses optimal theoretical properties (e.g., Fisher & Van Ness 1971; Jardine & Sibson; 1971), simulation and empirical evidence suggest that this is an unsuitable method for most applied research. Simulation-based research on nonhierarchical partitioning methods has not been as extensive as for the hierarchical routines. K-means (MacQueen, 1967) algorithms have been the most frequently examined methods to date. Simulation results for such methods are presented in Table 7.3. Generally, these studies were based on error-free data sets. The simulationbased literature indicates that the recovery performance of some partitioning methods can be competitive with those found for the best hierarchical procedures.As before, the reader is warned not to overinterpret the numerical recovery values between studies as they are based on different indices. Most of the generated data sets used to establish the results in Table 7.3 were multivariate normal and should have been the ideal application context for the normal theorybased clustering methods such as the Friedman and Rubin (1967) and Wolfe s (1970) NORMIX procedures. Unfortunately, such methods performed inconsistently in these studies. Less sophisticated methods, such as k-means algorithms, can produce equivalent or superior recovery of cluster structure.
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