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For example, if the date was Thursday, July 2, 1998, and we wanted our date time picker to display this date as The Date: Thursday July 02, 1998, our application could set the format string as follows: SendMessage(hwndDateTime, DTM_SETFORMAT, 0, (LPARAM)TEXT("`The Date: `ddddMMMdd', `yyy")); Another way that applications can customize date time picker display formats is by means of callback fields. The application adds X characters to the format string specified with the DTM_SETFORMAT message. Then, whenever the control needs to display the date time information, it sends its parent DTN_FORMAT and DTN_FORMATQUERY notifications. The application responds to these notifications by specifying the text to use in place of the callback fields, and to indicate the physical size of the text to be displayed. The application must allow users to enter text in the regions of the string displayed by the date time picker that corresponds to the callback fields. The application handles the DTN_WMKEYDOWN notification to respond to user input in callback fields.
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Writing data to a file in Windows CE is done with the WriteFile function. The syntax and use of this function is very similar to ReadFile:
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Data miners need to guard against multicollinearity, a condition where some of the predictor variables are correlated with each other. Multicollinearity leads to instability in the solution space, leading to possible incoherent results. For example, in a data set with severe multicollinearity, it is possible for the F-test for the overall regression to be signi cant, whereas none of the t-tests for the individual predictors are signi cant. This situation is analogous to enjoying the whole pizza while not enjoying any of the slices. Consider Figures 3.8 and 3.9. Figure 3.8 illustrates a situation where the predictors x1 and x2 are not correlated with each other; that is, they are orthogonal, or independent. In such a case, the predictors form a solid basis upon which the response surface y may rest sturdily, thereby providing stable coef cient estimates b1 and b2 , each with small variability sb1 and sb2 . On the other hand, Figure 3.9 illustrates a multicollinear situation where the predictors x1 and x2 are correlated with each other, so that as one of them increases, so does the other. In this case, the predictors no longer form a solid basis upon which the response surface may rmly rest. Instead, when the predictors are correlated, the response surface is unstable, providing highly variable coef cient estimates b1 and b2 , with in ated values for sb1 and sb2 . The high variability associated with the estimates means that different samples may produce coef cient estimates with widely different values. For example, one sample may produce a positive coef cient estimate for x1 , where as a second sample may produce a negative coef cient estimate. This situation is unacceptable when the analytic task calls for an explanation of the relationship between the response and the predictors individually. Even if such instability is avoided, inclusion of variables that are highly correlated tends to overemphasize a particular component of the model, since the component is essentially being double counted.
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(a) Upflow treatment well Downflow treatment well
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ase sensitivity of a particular attribute value can be described in one of five ways: qr code reader
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the associated mass function P = (p1 , p2 , p3 ), and ideal codeword lengths li = log(1/pi ). (b) What is the channel capacity of a channel matrix with rows Pa , Pb , Pc 13.3 Arithmetic coding. Let {Xi } be a stationary binary Markov i=0 chain with transition matrix pij =
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7.3 Measurement Techniques 229
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Testing It Out
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will be considered as sequences of three 0 s that, affected by noise, suffered from one error. According to this rule, the decoder will decide that on receiving these words, the transmitted codeword was (000), and the transmitted message was 0 . This decoding rule cannot correct two-error patterns. If this code is used in an error-detection scheme, a pattern of three errors cannot be detected, because such an error event means that, for instance, a sequence of three 0 s is converted into a sequence of three 1 s, which is a valid codeword, and vice versa. When receiving this pattern, the decoder can only assume that it is a valid codeword, thus being unable to detect this error event. The word error probability (Pwe ) for this case can be evaluated as Pwe = P(3, 3) = p 3 If this code is used in an error-correction mode, a two-error pattern event makes the decoder fail, and so the word error probability is given by the following expression: Pwe = P(2, 3) + P(3, 3) = 3 p 2 (1 p) + p 3 = 3 p 2 2 p 3 In all the cases, Pe = p is the error probability the communication system has without the use of coding. For the BSC, this probability is that of a given bit being converted into its complement. After the application of coding, Pwe measures the error probability per word. In general, this error probability will be smaller than the error probability of the uncoded system. However, the use of coding involves the transmission of redundancy, which means that the transmission rate has deteriorated. At the end of this chapter, consideration will be given to making a fair comparison between the coded and uncoded cases (see Section 2.11.1). The code rate is de ned as the ratio between the number of information bits and the number of coded bits: Rc = k n (2)
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