Psychodynamic Models of Personality in .NET

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Figure 28.1 The training stress syndrome negative adaptation to training. Source: An Analysis of the Training Stress Syndrome in Competitive Athletics, by J. M. Silva, 1990, Applied Sport Psychology, 2, pp. 5 20. Reprinted with permission.
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It is obvious that the only difference between the global density given by (2.5) and the local density (2.16) is the number of data points that are taken into account in the local density, only the points that support a particular cluster are taken into account, whereas the global density is in respect to all data points read so far. Also it is obvious that the local scatter can be updated recursively (Angelov & Zhou, 2006). In data-driven models, the importance of the fuzzy rules can be evaluated by these quality measure indicators, which also assist the evolution process.
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5.2.3 Equivalence
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From HBM testing of GaAs circuits, the failure levels can range from 200 to 2000 V levels. The GaAs failure mechanisms from HBM ESD stress consist of GaAs HBT emitter base failure at test increments from 200 to 500 V HBM levels (e.g., wide band applications). From the RF functional testing, it can be observed that there is degradation in the gain and output power. In some narrow band GaAs applications, ESD HBM levels of 500 2000 V HBM are achievable; in this case, when the GaAs transistor does not fail, the passive elements such as capacitor elements lead to failure. In RF circuits, capacitor elements can exist between the RF input signals and ground potential. During ESD testing for HBM frequencies, these capacitor elements can lead to HBM ESD failures. From machine model (MM) stress of GaAs devices, typical MM ESD failure levels occur from 30 to 100 V MM levels. In an MM stress, GaAs failure mechanism occurs in the GaAs HBT device as well as the in the passive elements. As in the HBM stress condition, GaAs HBT emitter base junction damage is evident in the levels of 50 100 V. Additionally, passive elements such as bias resistors fail under MM stress. In the MM stress, the observed RF degradation mechanism included the GSM output power. GaAs failures manifested themselves from the following RF functional tests:  output power;  gain;  GSM maximum power. In the GaAs HBM and MM stress failure, ESD failure occurred in the RF input and RF output. The failure paths consist of the following cases:  RF input to ground.  RF output to ground.  Voltage bias circuit to ground.
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