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With the transformed object still selected, click the Reset button in the Transform panel.
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When you create a chart using the Add method of the Charts collection, the created chart is always a chart sheet. In the preceding code, the Location method moves the chart to a worksheet.
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Figure 8. 1 The Impact of Stress-Trauma on the Personality Biopsychosocial Sphere and the Multidirectional Expression of Dysfunction
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current density. With higher peak current density, the peak self-heating will be more signi cant. For a single emitter transistor in the case of a two-sided base regions (e.g., wrap-around base BEBC, CBEBC, BCECB, or CBCBEBCBC), or two-sided collector (e.g., wraparound collector CBEBC, BCECB, or CBCBEBCBC) can lead to symmetric current distribution, lower series resistance, and higher ESD robustness. For a single emitter transistor structure, Minear and Dodson showed that parasitic parallel current paths can exist in bipolar npn transistors because of internal voltage drops [43,44 ]. Minear and Dodson showed that a transistor in a CBE con guration has low HBM ESD robustness when the emitter is pulsed with a positive HBM pulse relative to the base region; this is consistent with the literature. A key discovery of Minear and Dodson is that when the collector is pulsed positively relative to the base, the HBM ESD results were comparable, even though the emitter was in a oating state. Additionally, when HBM stressing with a positive polarity of the emitter referenced relative to the combination of the base and collector, the HBM ESD results were 7 higher and also when the HBM testing was completed from the emitter to only the collector (e.g., base oating). Minear and Dodson concluded that although the ESD current path was intended to remain within the extrinsic part of the npn transistor through the base and collector regions, ESD current owed from the extrinsic collector contact, through the collector region, the intrinsic region of the npn, and then back to the extrinsic base contact; it was determined that even though the emitter oated, there was an alternative current path through the intrinsic section of the npn. From the Gummel plots, after ESD stress, the base current versus the forward bias emitter base voltage increased with an enhanced slope at voltage below 0.7 V. The primary reason why this occurred was associated with a base region voltage drop leading to the forward biasing of the emitter base junction. Hence voltage drops internal to the structure associated with the ordering of the elements can in uence the ESD robustness. For multiple emitter structures, the ordering of the emitter, base, and collector can in uence the temperature eld, leading to thermal instability and emitter collapse in heterojunction bipolar transistors. Emitter collapse can be reduced in heterojunction bipolar transistors by the design symmetry and the spatial separation of the emitter regions. Hence, ordering of the emitter, base, and collector that are asymmetric in nature associated with the emitter design symmetry or allowing emitter spacing adjacency are more prone to these issues. Wu, Chang, and Ker [45] showed in a four emitter CBEBEBEBEBC Silicon Germanium transistor that the ESD robustness is a function of the number of base regions grounded during collector-to-emitter HBM positive stress. When a positive HBM pulse was applied to the collector and all the emitter regions were ground references, the HBM ESD robustness is a function of the base regions that are grounded. When all the base regions were grounded or odd base regions (e.g., B1, B3, B5), the HBM ESD results were 100 V HBM. This is indicative of an emitter base failure level. For the case when only the rst and the third base regions are grounded, the HBM ESD results increased to 1800 V (18 increase). As in Minear and Dodson s study [43,44], the response of the transistor varied between an emitter base HBM failure level and a collector-to-emitter HBM failure level. Hence, the layout as well as the voltage state of the various regions can lead to different ESD results. ESD design layout practices that can be learned from these results are:  Different permutations and combinations of ordering the emitter, base, and collector exist in homo- and heterojunction bipolar transistor design.
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FIGURE 11.12 10% outage capacity and cutoff rate with and without loading for  CM1 (lines). 10 log10 Es =N0 required to achieve BERr10 5 for the 90% best channel realizations using convolutional and Turbo codes, with and without loading (markers).
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In addition, the systems include geostationary satellites. There are three such satellites for EGNOS (Inmarsat 3 AOR-E, Inmarsat 3 IOR, and Artemis) and four such satellites for WAAS (Inmarsat POR, Inmarsat AOR-W, Telesat Anik F1R, and Panamsat Galaxy 15). A similar SBAS system is also planned for Galileo, with comparable features. The main difference will be that the transmission from satellites to receivers will be based on the Galileo satellites rather than on geostationary satellites. This system is called ERIS (External Regional Integrity Service).
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either raw or heat treated. Some well-known semidry products are saucisse de Montbeliard and Morteau, both from the Franche-Compt Eastern France region. Saucisson sec, typical pork dry fermented sausages produced in central and southern France, are important products in the meat industry, with a production of 10,0000 tons in 2002 (Lebert et al. 2007). There is a wide variety of saucisson sec produced in small-scale processing units without starter cultures (Chevallier et al. 2006). Due to their great economic signi cance, safety improvement with preservation of typical qualities of these traditional sausages were recently carried out, and autochthonous starter cultures have been developed (Lebert et al. 2007; Talon et al. 2008).
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16.2 WHAT IS BROADCAST SCHEDULING Background and terminology associated with wireless multihop networks, the modeling of such networks, and related concepts are provided in this section. 16.2.1 Basic Concepts of Wireless Multihop Networks We define a wireless multihop network as a network of stations that communicate with each other via wireless links using radio signals. All of the stations share a common channel. Each station in the network acts both as a host and as a switching unit. It is required
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16 15 14 13 Cp 12 11 Select this model. 10 9 8 9.0 9.5 10.0 10.5 p 11.0 11.5 12.0 Cp = p + 1
Toon Boom Studio is a sophisticated 2D animation program that features lip synching. You can use the program to create 2D animations that can be imported directly into Flash MX. You can download an evaluation copy from their Web site ( to see if the software is beneficial for your designs.
Why Style Sheets Are Needed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 289 What Style Sheets Can Do . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 290 Grouping elements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 290
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