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Figure 6.4 Renaming a directory. Files are renamed the same way. Double-tap the file you wish to rename and type the new name in the edit field that appears. For example, let s create a file called Expenses under the Acme Corp directory. Tap the Acme Corp directory to select it, and then choose New File from the Options menu. A new file, called Empty File, appears under the Acme Corp directory as shown in Figure 6.5.
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2006b; Lemyre et al., 2006), and the results from initial investigations guided by SDT have been revealing. The psychological needs that have been long championed as essential and universal by Deci and Ryan (1985) include the needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. The need for autonomy concerns the inherent imperative that people have to experience feelings of volition (or a sense of perceived internal locus of causality) in their behavioral enactments. People also have a psychological need for competence, or to perceive themselves as effective in challenging endeavors. Finally, humans have a need for relatedness, a feeling of being secure and connected with valued significant others. According to Deci and Ryan s (1985; Ryan & Deci, 2000b) self-determination theory, these fundamental psychological needs play a central role in motivated behavior. Energization of behavior in the pursuit of satisfaction of these needs has been termed intrinsic motivation. Intrinsically motivated involvement in an activity occurs purely for the rewards inherent in that participation, such as feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and enjoyment. Obviously, need satisfaction is not the only force animating human behavior (Ryan & Deci, 2000b, 2002). Indeed, beyond early childhood, little of people s behavior is, strictly speaking, exclusively energized by innate propensities or needs. In SDT, the other basic types of motivation are extrinsic motivation and amotivation. Extrinsic motivation can vary in terms of behavioral valuation and perceptions of autonomous regulation but, in general, underlies engagements that are regulated by the pursuit of some outcome separable from the involvement in the activity itself. Amotivation, or the lack of motivation, is typically the result of thwarting or deprivation of psychological need satisfaction and/or a belief that effort will not yield the desired outcome. This state is sometimes described as the motivational signature of burnout (e.g., Cresswell & Eklund, 2005b, 2006b; Kentt , Hassmen, & Raglin, 2001), although clearly, one can be amotivated without experiencing burnout. Overall, Ryan and Deci (2002) posit that the variety of motivational types impelling behavior differs most crucially in the extent to which they emanate from the self (i.e., are self-determined), and hence that these motivational types can be conceptually ordered into a simplex selfdetermination continuum. Intrinsically motivated engagements are regarded as the most self-determined, and hence have been conceptualized as lying at one end of the selfdetermination continuum (see Figure 28.3). Amotivation involves an absence of motivation (self-determined or other-
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The length of this program is a constant number of bits. This program length does not depend on n. Hence, the Kolmogorov complexity of this sequence is c, and K(000 . . . 0|n) = c for all n. (14.15)
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3.7.5. Hoechst 33258 Dye Solution Safety note. HOECHST 33258 DYE IS A MUTAGEN. GLOVES SHOULD BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN HANDLING! Stock Solution: 1 mg/ml in UPW; stable at 4 C for 6 months in the dark (wrap the tube in aluminum foil).
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ment that provides learners with the experiences and opportunities to realize their potential (Lee, Chamberlin, & Hodges, 2001; McMorris, 2004). If preparatory routines, which are often used by skilled performers, do help them to enhance performance outcome, then it might be appropriate to provide beginners with preparatory routines at an early phase of motor learning. At the initial stage of skill learning and development, learners are asked to acquire not only motor skills but also knowledge of action planning, sequence memorization, and task readiness (Singer, 2002; Woolfolk, 1998). Apparently, preparatory routines have the potential to assist learners in their attempts to learn selfpaced tasks. But do we have the empirical support, as well as the practical guidance, to promote preparatory routines for beginning learners The purpose of this chapter is threefold: (1) to review the related literature on the use of preparatory routines in self-paced events (findings from both observational and experimental inquiries are reviewed); (2) to discuss knowledge based on preparatory routines that can be useful for sport consultants and educators who assist learners in acquiring self-paced tasks; and (3) to propose a model for teaching preparatory routines for beginning learners. The model is based partly on data from inquiries on preparatory routines and partly on anecdotal knowledge. This chapter consists of seven parts. In the first and second parts, the definition and introduction of self-paced event and preparatory routine are presented. The third part is a review of literature on observational and experimental studies in the use of preparatory routines in self-paced tasks. The fourth and fifth parts provide short reviews on the usefulness of learning strategies and attentional instructions in self-paced tasks. The sixth part provides psychological,
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In the future we will be releasing our daily ED operational dashboards to hospital ED managers. These are non-EMA physicians/employees, and they may have a greater need for daily ED operational dashboards. In addition, more alerts and follow-up activities will be attached to the financial and physician billing information available. New development will also include innovative metrics that can help our physicians determine how their activities in the ED today will impact their salaries in the future.
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FIGURE 9-9: View and control MythTV from MythWeb.
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For simplicity s sake, you may want the MythTV user to log in automatically whenever the unit is powered on. To do this, click on the Kicker bar (on the desktop) and follow the path for Desktop System Settings Login Screen (or from the command line launch gdmsetup). Locate the section entitled Automatic Login and then check the box next to the dialog that reads Login a user automatically on first bootup. Select your MythTV user ID from the popup menu. If you prefer that the login times out before logging in the default user, you should configure the Timed Login option that permits you to log in using other credentials instead of MythTV if something should break on that account (such as a bad login shell). In this chapter, you have only seen a small portion of the backend capability. There is enormous further potential for a variety of unusual implementations and obscure configurations, but we leave this topic behind as we advance into the next chapter, which delves into the backend s counterpart: the MythTV frontend client.
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