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FIGURE 3-11: Testing the voltages of the circuit
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Gillies (2001)c Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression and Other Disorders Interpersonal Depression: Postpartum, Adolescents, HIV-Seropositive, Late-Life Depression Individual 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Individual 1, 2, 4 Interpersonal Psychotherapy of Depression Interpersonal The Coping with Depression Behavioral Course: A Psychoeducational Intervention for Unipolar Depression Depression Group Supportive-Expressive Dynamic Psychotherapy of Depression: A TimeLimited Version Dynamic Depression Individual Bipolar Disorder Family Focused Treatment Bipolar Disorder
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In our simulation model, the transmission range of a coordinator is assumed to be 30 m for the transmission rate of 250 kbps. In the simulation experiments, we simulate a scenario of 20 end devices, and their initial locations are randomly assigned within the area as shown in Figure 14.6. Each simulation run lasts 320 s, and each simulation result is obtained from averaging the results of 100 independent simulations. Each end device maintains a rst-in, rst-out (FIFO) waiting buffer of 16 frames, and the mean frame length (i.e., 1/m) is assumed to be 90 bytes (e.g., 9 UBPs at the 250-kbps transmission rate, excluding PHY and MAC headers). The network load consists of uplink transmission (from end devices to the coordinator) and downlink transmission (from the coordinator to end devices) traf c. When the network load (i.e., Ml/m) is less than 0.3, we de ne the situation is the light traf c load. On the other hand, when the network load is greater than 0.7, the situation is de ned as the heavy traf c load. Figure 14.7 shows the effects of the traf c load on goodput (GP) for MBS, MBS+EWMA, and IEEE 802.15.4 schemes. We nd that MBS and MBS+ EWMA schemes achieve higher GP than IEEE 802.15.4, and the peak values of the GP for MBS and MBS+EWMA schemes are much larger than that for IEEE 802.15.4. The high GP for MBS and MBS+EWMA mainly results from the decrease of the number of contentions/collisions. In other words, by using MBS and MBS+EWMA, the backoff overhead is signi cantly reduced and therefore the GP improves. We also observe that the performance of MBS+ EWMA is better than that of MSB, which implies that the proposed EWMA approach effectively predicts the network condition and further reduces the occurrence of collisions. Figure 14.8 shows the effects of the traf c load on the completion rate Rc for MBS, MBS+EWMA, and IEEE 802.15.4 schemes, where Rc is de ned as the
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Though these technologies are more in use by the criminal element of our world, the growing interest in them in the corporate sector suggests that they will become an everyday part of information security as time goes by. How will they fit into your organization Read on.
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Review of Existing Measures
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