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Learn more about psychological testing and products offered from psychology s largest
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see Figures 15.5 and 15.6). Let the angle trajectory of a nger be described by q t f t 15:1
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The belief can be tested by setting up behavioral experiments or opportunities to collect data relevant to the belief. For example, the dependent patient had the following predictions: If I tell my husband I am upset with his drinking, he will leave me ; If I do things with my other friends, I will be unhappy because he will be unhappy ; If I leave him, I won t be able to take care of myself emotionally or financially. Some predictions are short term; others are longer term. Competency tracking during the day can assist in testing predictions. Thus, the patient is asked to set up specific predictions how he or she will perform in different situations. Beliefs can be tested by evaluating outcomes against these predictions for
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A simple application demonstrating the concepts covered in this chapter is included on the companion CD. The directory \Samples\memory contains the project files necessary to build MEMORY.EXE. The screen shots in this chapter all show various features implemented by this application.
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The full Textile syntax can be found at textile2.html. Markdown s syntax can be found at projects/markdown/syntax. Never again will you forget to close a link tag.
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Micheline Beam, PhD
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Freud s Psychoanalytic Perspective: Freud s
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Creating Entries for Your Planner
values obtained cannot be interpreted in strictly quantitative terms. The most one can normally say is that well-oxygenated waters, in which most cations are in their most highly charged forms (e.g. with iron present as Fe3+ rather than as Fe2+), tend to display high values of Eh ( 100 mV). On the other hand, in waters utterly devoid of dissolved oxygen, in which cations are in their leastcharged form, Eh tends to be low (<100 mV), or even negative. In the same manner that pH indicates the activity of H+ ions in solution, it is also possible to de ne an oxidation-reduction potential which directly represents the theoretical electron transfer potential of a solution. Using this approach, a parameter known as pe has been de ned. Unfortunately, as free electrons do not occur as such in solution, pe cannot be measured directly. However, it can be calculated from Eh and other parameters. Readers desiring to know more about pe, Eh, and other ways of quantifying redox phenomena should consult Sch ring et al. (2000) and Christensen et al. (2000). 4.2.2 Solutes versus colloids Generally, it is easy to understand the difference in state between solids, which are merely suspended in water, and substances which are truly dissolved. Think about what happens if you sprinkle table salt into a glass of clear water. At rst, you can plainly see the individual particles of salt: stir the water and you will see the particles of salt swirling around. However, within a few seconds the particles begin to diminish in size and number. Before half a minute has passed, the water will appear completely clear once more, with no suspended particles of salt visible at all. The salt has dissolved in the water. That is to say, the previously solid salt (NaCl) has broken down ( dissociated ) into individual charged atoms (ions) of sodium (Na+) and chloride (Cl ), all of which are too small to be visible to the human eye (even with the aid of powerful microscopes). The ions are thoroughly mixed in amongst the water molecules with which they are now interacting electrostatically. Nice and simple. The dissolved
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