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The maintenance of a hard-key system requires the front of ce staff and housekeeping staff to return keys to their storage area, a time-consuming job when several hundred keys must be returned to their pigeonholes or slots in a key drawer (a drawer located underneath the counter of the front desk that holds room keys in slots in numerical order) after a full house has checked out. If the housekeeping staff notices a key left in a room after a guest has checked out, it should be returned to the front desk. Some hotels use a key fob, a decorative and descriptive plastic or metal tag attached to a hard key (a metal device used to trip tumblers in a mechanical lock) that lists the name and address of the hotel, to encourage the nder of a key to mail it back (Figure 7-5). Other hotels do not attach such a key fob because they believe that if a key is found (or actively sought) by a person with criminal intentions, guest security is at risk. Keys and locks that have become worn must be replaced, a responsibility of the maintenance department. Replacement of room keys and locks can be done only with an authorized purchase order from the controller, initiated by the front of ce or maintenance department. The security department maintains control of key replacement activity. Maintaining the electronic locking system is much simpler than maintaining the hard-
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4 2 Standardized Residual 0 2 4 6 8 10 20 30 40 50 60 Fitted Value 70 80 90 100
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If you haven t gotten the hint by now, I will assume that you are either supremely confident in your abilities or not particularly fond of your data. In either case, this is your last reminder on my part to back up your database.
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This section presents different application scenarios. It applies the different concepts presented in earlier sections to solve two major application adaptation problems: browsing and multimedia messaging. It will explain in more detail how each application uses the con guration architectures and how it makes use of the adaptation methods.
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Trace Total number of bytes received 1,000,000 100,000 10,000 1,000 100 10 1 1 10 100
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If you create an introduction with sound for one of your designs, add a keyframe to the last frame of your introduction, open the Property inspector, and from the Sound field menu, choose your intro soundtrack and from the Sync field menu choose Stop. Open the Actions panel and create the code to go to and play the first frame of the main movie. Create a skip intro button and program the button to go to and play the last frame of the introduction. When the user clicks the button, the last frame of the introduction plays, stops the introduction sound, and transports the viewer to the first frame of the main scene of your design.
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this definition of personality disorder to an empirically based classification system. In terms of the trends discussed in the present chapter, a new classification of personality disorders requires a scheme that can coordinate the definitional strengths of causal-theoretical approaches and the descriptive strengths of practical-empirical approaches. My view is that the interpersonal theory of personality (e.g., Benjamin, 2003; Carson, 1969; Kiesler, 1983; Leary, 1957; McLemore & Benjamin, 1979; Pincus, 1994, in press; Pincus & Ansell, 2003; Sullivan, 1953a, 1953b; Wiggins & Trapnell, 1996) is in a unique position to provide a nexus between the two sets of approaches because it provides a basis for the definition of personality disorder (for Step 1) and empirically based models and methods for describing personality disorder phenomenology (for Step 2). An overview of the interpersonal nexus of personality disorders is presented in Figure 7.1. The current chapter focuses more on the interpersonal definition of personality disorder than on the interpersonal description of personality disorder phenomenology. The interpersonal nexus of personality disorders can enhance the explanatory implications of Livesley s core defining features of personality disorder through the application of contemporary integrative interpersonal theory (Pincus, in press; Pincus & Ansell, 2003) that emphasizes the interpersonal situation as an integrative theoretical concept. To fully satisfy the theoretical and personological needs of definition, the interpersonal nexus must also articulate the motivational and developmental factors influencing disordered self-concepts and maladaptive patterns of relating to others, and account for the fluctuating severity of personality disorder symptomology. What makes this a true nexus is that the interpersonal theory of personality also has a long and reciprocally influential history with research programs that have culminated in well-validated, empirically derived models and methods to describe interpersonal behavior (Pincus, 1994). Thus, the interpersonal nexus of personality disorders also includes multiple methods to assess the fundamental interpersonal dimensions of Agency and Communion (Wiggins, 1991) and
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ProcessSerialNumber psn; MacGetCurrentProcess(&psn); SetFrontProcess(&psn); [self buildInterfaceTabs]; [self displayCommandLine]; NSNotificationCenter *theNC = [NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter]; [theNC addObserver: self selector: @selector(textChangedNotificationHandler:) name:@ NSTextDidChangeNotification object: nil]; signal(SIGHUP, signalCatcher); signal(SIGINT, signalCatcher); signal(SIGQUIT, signalCatcher); signal(SIGABRT, signalCatcher); }
out (ALBO) networks that are automatically adjusted according to characteristics of the received signal.9 The signal output of the repeater must be precisely timed to maintain accurate pulse width and space between the pulses. The timing is derived from the incoming bit stream. The incoming signal is recti ed and clipped, producing square waves that are applied to the timing extractor, which is a circuit tuned to the timing frequency. The output of the circuit controls a clock-pulse generator that produces an output of narrow pulses that are alternately positive and negative at the zero crossings of the square-wave input. The narrow positive clock pulses gate the incoming pulses of the regenerator, and the negative pulses are used to run off the regenerator. Thus the combination is used to control the width of the regenerated pulses. Regenerative repeaters are the major source of timing jitter in a digital transmission system. Jitter is one of the principal impairments in a digital network, giving rise to pulse distortion and intersymbol interference. Jitter is discussed in more detail in Section 6.9.2. Most regenerative repeaters transmit a bipolar (AMI) waveform (see Figure 6.10). Such signals can have one of three possible states in any instant in time: positive, zero or negative (volts), and are often designated +, 0, . The threshold circuits are gates to admit the signal at the middle of the pulse interval. For instance, if the signal is positive and exceeds a positive threshold, it is recognized as a positive pulse. If it is negative and exceeds a negative threshold, it is recognized as a negative pulse. If it has a (voltage) value between the positive and negative voltage thresholds, it is recognized as a 0 (no pulse). When either threshold is exceeded, the regenerator is triggered to produce a pulse of the appropriate duration, polarity, and amplitude. In this manner the distorted input signal is reconstructed as a new output signal for transmission to the next repeater or terminal facility.
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