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The SimpleSum function is not nearly as flexible as Excel s SUM function. Try it out using various types of arguments, and you ll see that it fails unless each argument is either a value or a reference to a single cell that contains a value.
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delinquency, consistent sexual deviation, hedonism, and clinical alcoholism, and noted that the typical psychopath . . . is not likely to commit major crimes that result in long prison terms (1982, p. 14). Similarly, Gough suggested that psychopaths would contribute more than their fair share to criminal behavior, but stressed that psychopathy was not explicitly dependent on illegal or asocial behavior. Somewhat inconsistently, Cleckley regarded the DSM-II category of antisocial personality disorder as a fair summary of psychopathy. This category included the attributes of chronically antisocial and hedonistic excluded from his own concept. However, these three concepts may emphasize different, though related, personality constructs. Several of Cleckley s criteria, for example, appear in current descriptions of histrionic personality disorder (superficial charm, egocentric, emotionally shallow, suicide gestures, impersonal sex life). On the other hand, the McCords focus on persistently antisocial behavior resulting from a craving for excitement reflects a hypothesis common in criminology that criminality results from impulsivity or lack of self-control (Blackburn, 1995). Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990), for example, contend that criminality is a disposition to seek short-term, immediate pleasure without regard for the consequences. Although the explanatory power of Gough s construct is psychologically greater than that of Cleckley s, the latter is more reductionist and had greater appeal for hard-nosed empiricists. From the late 1950s onward, Cleckley s criteria provided operational criteria for research by psychologists, notably Lykken (1995) and Hare (1970, 1991). His specific hypothesis of semantic dementia has not itself been subjected to much empirical testing, but his proposal that an emotional deficit is the core of a psychopathic disposition has been central in research.
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Depreciating equipment systematically each year over the life of the asset provides the most realistic alternative. This technique recovers the cost of a long-lived physical asset by allocating depreciation expense based on the consumption of the benefits received from the asset over five years of use. On the other hand, a restaurant might have purchased a supply of letterhead stationery for use over the next five years at a cost of $200. The restaurant could show the total amount of $200 as an expense in the year purchased, opting not to expense the stationery at $40 per year over five years. Operating income would not be materially affected by completely expensing the purchase in year one.
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Open sesame
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Figure 2.3. Bright eld photomicrograph of a histologic section of an MSC-containing ceramic cube harvested after 6 weeks in vivo and stained with Mallory Heidenhain. Demineralized ceramic (C) appears as a gray amorphous material. Bone (B), deposited by osteoblasts (arrowhead), can be seen as a dark stained tissue adjacent to the inner surface of a number of pores. A group of osteocytes (arrow) is enmeshed within the osseous matrix. Adipose (A) or brous (F) tissues occupy pore space adjacent to bone. qr code reader
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Using an input box to get user input Using a message box to display messages or get a simple response Selecting a file from a dialog box Selecting a directory Displaying Excel s built-in dialog boxes
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Anticipation and Decision Making
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Operating Income When Undistributed Costs Are Allocated Using Sales Revenue Volume
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Bordered matrix: An ((m
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Figure A.11
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