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the long-awaited placid life. Events such as the McCarthy hearings, the Korean War, and the duplicity in the U.S. State Department undermining democracy in Guatemala contributed to the feeling that, in fact, the country was facing serious problems (Halberstam, 1993; Herman, 1999; Rovere, 1996; Schrecker, 1998; Zinn, 1999). Additionally, popular novels like The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (Wilson, 1955) and Peyton Place (Metalious, 1956), as well as the investigative research of Betty Friedan (1963) on the social and economic restraints of women, questioned the sense of justice in the lives of U.S. citizens. Further, the groundbreaking inquiries into American sexual behavior by Alfred Kinsey (1948, 1953) augmented Friedan s reporting to raise awareness about gender and sexual inequalities. Alternatively, advances in reproductive biology by Gregory Pincus and Hudson Hoagland created the birth control pill Enovid (Asbell, 1995; Watkins, 1998). Clare Boothe Luce captured the signi cance of the Pill when she said, Modern woman is at last free as a man is free, to dispose of her own body, to earn her living, to pursue the improvement of her mind, to try a successful career (Halberstam, 1993, pp. 605 606). Each of these signi cant cultural events stimulated increased awareness about societal problems as well as provided new opportunities to pursue individual freedoms. In sum, Americans beliefs, values, and goals in the 1950s were being confronted; the alleged happiness with existing gender roles and race relations were being questioned. Americans were being forced to see the extent of violence and racism that was prevalent. Members of the mental health professions were also taking notice of these negative features of American society. The eyes of these professionals were being forced open. These events signi ed serious issues in the country that needed addressing; it seems plausible that a zeitgeist was emerging that called for a closer inspection and appraisal of America s communities. The 1960s: Social Upheaval and the Birth of Community Psychology The issues of the 1950s that were becoming more visible to the average citizen intensi ed during the 1960s. During the late 1950s and 1960s, it was signi cant that throughout the world so many things happened at once and that ordinary people had taken action (Marwick, 1998, p. 803). The simultaneous occurrence of political events and social movements is a unique and signi cant chapter in U.S. and world history (Howard, 1995; Isserman & Kazin, 2000). Todd Gitlin, sociologist and coauthor of the Port Huron Statement of the Students for Democratic Society, organized the rst national demonstration against the Vietnam War. He summarized the spirit of the times of the 1960s and highlighted
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Taxonomy of IEEE 802.11 throughput improvement techniques.
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In the following, the criterion is discussed regarding how a link determines from which slots it requests service and with what power and rate levels it transmits in order to meet its rate requirement and not to degrade the QoS of existing links. Consider link i with target rate Rt . Let Oi  f1; 2; . . . ; Mg denote the set of i slots (in each frame) from which link i has gained services, and Rk denote the i transmission rate of link i at slot k when kAOi. Then the effective rate of link i, that is, the total achieved rate of link i in the system, is given by Re i X
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Richman, J. A., Flaherty, J. A., & Rospenda, K. M. (1994). Chronic fatigue syndrome: Have awed assumptions derived from treatment-based studies American Journal of Public Health, 84, 282 284. Richman, J. A., & Jason, L. A. (2001). Gender biases underlying the social construction of illness states: The case of chronic fatigue syndrome. Current Sociology, 49, 15 29. Richman, J. A., Jason, L. A., Taylor, R. R., & Jahn, S. C. (2000). Feminist perspectives on the social construction of illness states. Health Care for Women International, 22, 173 185. Ridsdale, L., Godfrey, E., Chalder, T., Seed, P., King, M., Wallace, P., & Wessely, S. (2001). Chronic fatigue in general practice: Is counseling as good as cognitive behaviour therapy A randomized trial. British Journal of General Practice, 51, 19 24. Rijk, A. E., Schreurs, M. G., & Bensing, J. (1999). Complaints of fatigue: Related to too much as well as too little stimulation Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 22, 549 573. Robins, L., Helzer, J., Cottler, L., & Goldring, E. (1989). National Institute of Mental Health Diagnostic Interview Schedule (Version Three Revised, DIS-III-R). St. Louis, MO: Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. Robins, L. N., & Regier, D. A. (1991). Psychiatric disorders in America: The ECA study. New York: Free Press. Russo, J., Katon, W., Clark, M., Kith, P., Sintay, M., & Buchwald, D. (1998). Longitudinal changes associated with improvement in chronic fatigue patients. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 45, 67 76. Salit, I. E. (1997). Precipitating factors for the chronic fatigue syndrome. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 31(1), 59 65. Saphier, D. (1994, October). A role for interferon in the psychoneuroendocrinology of chronic fatigue syndrome. Paper presented at the American Association of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Schluederberg, A., Straus, S. E., Peterson, P., Blumenthal, S., Komaroff, A. L., Spring, S. B., et al. (1992). Chronic fatigue syndrome research: De nition and medical outcome assessment. Annals of Internal Medicine, 117, 325 331. Schondorf, R., & Freeman, R. C. (1999). The importance of orthostatic intolerance in chronic fatigue syndrome. American Journal of Medical Sciences, 317, 117 123. Schwartz, R. B., Komaroff, A. L., Garada, B. M., Gleit, M., Doolittle, T. H., Bates, D. W., et al. (1994). SPECT imaging of the brain: Comparisons of ndings in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS dementia complex, and major unipolar depression. American Journal of Radiology, 162, 943 951. Scott, L. V., & Dinan, T. G. (1999). The neuroendocrinology of chronic fatigue syndrome: Focus on the hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal axis. Functional Neurology, 14(1), 3 1. 1 See, D. M., & Tilles, J. G. (1996). Alpha interferon treatment of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Immunological Investigations, 25, 153 164.
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If the font name requires two or more words (such as Times Roman), place the name in quotation marks.
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You need to check the Name property of the Name object contained in the Range object. The following function accepts a range as an argument, and returns the name of the range (if it has one). If the range has no name, the function returns False.
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We proceed now to develop an on-line local routing algorithm for unit wireless communication networks. Observe first that UW(Pn) is not necessarily planar. For instance if Pn consists of 12 points contained within a circle of radius 1, UW(Pn) is not planar. In order to use the results presented in the previous section, we should be able to extract a planar subnetwork from any UW(Pn). Two requirements must be satisfied by the method we use to extract the planar subgraph to fully ensure its functionality for real-life applications: 1. If a cellular communication network is connected, the resulting planar subgraph must be connected. 2. We must have a local protocol so that each node of the network can decide in a consistent manner which neighbor connections to keep, and ensure that, collectively, and without the need to communicate, the set of edges chosen individually by the nodes of the network form a planar graph. The necessity for the second condition follows from our desire to have fully distributed protocols that avoid the use of any kind of centralized protocols. The problem of extracting or even deciding if a graph contains a planar connected subgraph is a well-known NP-complete problem [16]. Fortunately, UW(Pn) networks always have such a subgraph and, in fact, finding it is relatively straightforward. The key to our result arises from the use of Gabriel graphs [1]. Given two points p and q on the plane, let C(p, q) be the circle passing through them such that the line segment joining p to q is a diameter of C(p, q). Given a set of n points Pn = {p1, . . . , pn} on the plane, the Gabriel graph of Pn is the graph whose set of vertices is Pn, in which two points u and v of Pn are adjacent iff the C(p, q) contains no other points of Pn. Let G (Pn) be the graph with vertex set Pn such that two vertices p and q are adjacent in G (Pn) iff C(p, q) contains no other points of Pn and p and q are adjacent in UW(Pn), that is G (Pn) is the intersection of the Gabriel graph of Pn with UW(Pn). The following result was proved in [3]: Theorem 1.2.1 If UW(Pn) is connected then G (Pn) is also connected. The easiest proof of this result proceeds as follows. Let p and q be such that they are adjacent in UW(Pn) and there is no path connecting them in G (Pn). Suppose further that their distance is the smallest possible among all such pairs of points in Pn. Since p and q are not connected in G (Pn), C(p, q) contains at least a third point r Pn. Observe that the distances from r to p and q are smaller than the distance from p to q, and thus there is a path P in G (Pn) connecting r to p and a path P connecting r to q. The concatenation of these paths produces a path from p to q in G (Pn). Our result follows. It is obvious that each node p in UW(Pn) can decide locally which of its neighbors in UW(Pn) should be its neighbors in G (Pn). It simply collects the locations from all its neighbors (i.e., the elements of Pn at distance at most 1 from p, and tests for each q of them if the circle C(p, q) is empty. This can be done using standard algorithms in computational geometry in O(k ln k), where k is the number of neighbors of p in UW(Pn) [21]. We now have the general tools to obtain an on-line local routing algorithm on unit
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