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Court agreed to hear the rst two of the school segregation cases in 1952. Three members of the committee, Kenneth B. Clark, Isidor Chein, and Stuart Cook, drafted a statement submitted to the Supreme Court. This appendix to the plaintiffs legal briefs, labeled the Social Science Statement, did not discuss speci c research studies but referred to the relevant research in 35 footnotes. The Statement made three central arguments (Kluger, 1976): (a) Segregation was psychologically damaging to minority group children. It produced low self-esteem, self-hatred, frustration, and increased chances of delinquency. (b) Segregation was also harmful to majority group children, who experienced a distorted sense of reality, confusion, and moral cynicism. (c) Desegregation could proceed smoothly if it were done quickly and rmly. The third argument relied heavily on studies of bene cial interracial contact in housing and employment situations. The Statement framed the argument strictly in scienti c terms rather than political, legal, or moral ones. The Statement was subsequently signed by 32 other prominent social scientists. Included among the signatures were those of 14 past or future presidents of SPSSI (Jackson, 1998) and most of the psychologists who had been studying social prejudice since the 1930s. During deliberations, the Supreme Court justices asked both sides to prepare new arguments on the issue of whether desegregation should be immediate and complete, or whether an effective gradual adjustment would be better. Psychology s response, written by Kenneth B. Clark (1953), concluded that immediate desegregation could be effective when imposed swiftly and with rm authority from above. Five conditions that would ensure effective desegregation were described: (a) a clear and unequivocal statement of policy by prestigious leaders; (b) rm enforcement of the new policy; (c) a willingness to deal strongly with violations; (d) a refusal to allow subterfuge or delay by local authorities; and (e) an appeal to individuals based on their religious principles of brotherhood and the American tradition of fair play and justice. On May 14, 1954, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that school segregation was a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. This was the court s rst major decision under its new chief justice, Earl Warren. Warren wrote that modern authority showed that the assumptions implicit in the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision that had upheld so-called separate but equal facilities were not valid. All seven sources cited in support of this point (in footnote 11) had been discussed in the Social Science Statement. But the psychologists job was not yet over. After its 1954 Brown decision, the Court asked for yet another round of arguments focusing on the issue of immediate versus gradual
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2 Interfacing Basics
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The main type of brush used is a marker pen, the wider the better. Sharpie makes some huge markers, but the indelible ink used in them smells pretty toxic and permanently stains materials you may not want stained. Crayola makes some non-toxic, more water-soluble markers that produce reasonably thick lines and are easy to clean up in case of accidents. Also, the Marks-ALot and Sharpie markers are harder to use because they both have chisel tips. The conical tips of the Crayola markers make a more consistent line. Try out the chisel tips to see if you like the variation effect it produces as the robot spins. Markers assume you have something to mark on. If you don t have big sheets of paper, there s still the option of using chalk on your driveway. The brightly colored sidewalk chalk available at most craft stores has the added benefit of being easily swept away with a push broom, making erasing quick and easy. The chalk has the downside of being less precise and you must constantly reposition the chalk as it is consumed. Plus, you can t easily save your masterpiece when done.
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asked to assign to the description the probability that it belonged to one of the 30 engineers, on a scale of 0 to 100. The findings indicated that those in the scientific orientation condition were more scientific in their judgments, in that they judged the likelihood of the target s being an engineer as closer to the known proportion of lawyers to engineers in the sample (i.e., 30 to 70), than those in the clinical condition. Thus, role allocation appears to affect cognition. This affect might also occur in team environments in sport. For example, might the role a player is allocated in sport affect his or her processing of game-relevant information An Individual s Mental Representations of Others An individual s cognition can also be affected by his or her mental representations of others, such that cognition is affected even when those others are not physically present. For example, Baldwin, Carrel, and Lopez (1990) asked students to evaluate their own research ideas after first exposing them to images of either the disapproving face of their advisor or the approving face of another person. To avoid the students being consciously aware of the images, the images were presented for only 2 ms during a previously completed bogus reaction-time task. The results indicated that self-ratings were lower after the presentation of the disapproving image. Thus, processing information about significant others, even subliminally, can affect the cognitive processes underlying decision making. This phenomenon might also occur in team environments in sport. For example, how might thinking about the presence of a significant other, such as a stern coach, affect a player s process of self-evaluation during the game Social Interaction and Cognitive Change Research on social interaction has provided evidence that an individual s thinking is actually formed during social interaction. For example, intragroup conflict has been shown to affect individual cognition. Nemeth and Kwan (1987) asked participants to identify words with capital letters embedded in letter strings, such as identifying DOG in the string tDOGto. Participants were members of a group of four but were tested individually so that they were not aware of each others responses. After initial trials, they were informed that either a majority or a minority of the other group members had used an unusual strategy to identify words, such as reading the letters backward. When the participants where then asked to identify as many words as possible from the letter strings, those informed about the minority strategy made use of a larger
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signi cantly over time, and argued that these results mark a declining phase in the HIV epidemic among IDUs, at least in New York. Replication of these ndings in other major urban settings is needed; nevertheless, the ndings are quite encouraging regarding the modi cation of risk behavior among what many people would assume is the most dif cult and hard-to-reach population of IDUs. Midstream Approaches Interventions targeted toward de ned populations for the purpose of reducing risk behavior, typically in natural environments or preexisting organizations, constitute midstream approaches. Midstream approaches target people who may be engaging in the risk behavior as well as people who have not yet begun the risk behavior in an effort to prevent the behavior. Midstream approaches are often implemented in schools, primary care health clinics, and community-based settings. School-Based Programs Reviews of the school-based education programs indicate that one-half of these programs effectively reduce unprotected intercourse (Kirby & DiClemente, 1994). Effective programs tend to be guided by social learning theories, focus on speci c strategies to reduce risk behavior, use active learning methods of instruction, address social and media in uences and pressures to have sex, reinforce values against unprotected sex, and provide modeling and practice of communication or negotiation skills. Before the AIDS pandemic, preventionists often found it challenging to secure the support of parent organizations and school boards for programs involving discussion of sexual or drug use behavior. Recently, however, a number of school districts have approved HIV prevention programs, especially in urban settings where HIV is more widely seen as a health threat. For example, in an inner-city school system in New York City, Walter and Vaughan (1993) evaluated a teacherdelivered curriculum with high school students. Their program, based on social cognitive theory, resulted in modest improvements in HIV-related knowledge and self-ef cacy, and reduced sexual risk behavior. The effectiveness of this curriculum, which was accepted following meetings with all key constituent groups, demonstrates the feasibility of such an approach in school-based settings. Increasingly, acceptance of school-based programs is occurring in nonepicenters as well. For example, in California and Texas, K. Coyle et al. (1999) are currently evaluating the effectiveness of Safer Choices, a multicomponent HIV ,
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