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- (void) textChangedNotificationHandler: (NSNotification *) theNotification { [self displayCommandLine]; } - (void)tabView:(NSTabView *)tabView didSelectTabViewItem:(NSTabViewItem *)tabViewItem { [[self window] makeFirstResponder: self]; }
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When you re happy with your solder joints, pull out the multimeter and verify the connection is good. Figure A-14 shows the previously bad solder joint being tested. The resistance should be less than an ohm. If it s any greater, something is probably wrong with the joint and you should re-heat it at the least, or desolder it and try again. If you re soldering many connections, it s usually faster to solder all the connections and then check them all. When you re happy with your connection, you can snip off the extraneous leads close to the board with the cutters close, as in Figure A-14.
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Public variables
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demo% ./roombacmd Usage: roombacmd -p <serialport> [OPTIONS] Options: -h, -- help Print this help message -p, -- port=serialport Serial port roomba is on
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Where Is Clinical Psychology Going and Should I Go with It
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many psychotic, borderline, or obsessivecompulsive disorders. Patients who have little motivation for change, have low tolerance for anxiety, and a history of inability to maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships also tend to do poorly in psychotherapy (Kernberg, 1973; Mohr, 1995; Strupp, 1980). Thus the old adage, You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink may be an appropriate way to think about highly unmotivated patients or those who have tremendous difficulty maintaining a relationship and/or tolerating anxiety. Patients who are highly suspicious, mistrustful, and hostile also generally do poorly in psychotherapy (Mohr et al., 1990; Strupp, 1980). Not all persons who present themselves to a therapist for psychotherapy are good candidates for it. In addition to patient and patient-therapy fit variables, therapist characteristics have also been closely associated with poor treatment outcome. For example, therapists who lack empathy and are impatient and authoritarian tend to be associated with poor psychotherapy outcome (Lafferty, Beutler, & Crago, 1991; Yalom & Lieberman, 1971). Furthermore, therapists who fail to focus the therapy session, fail to deal with negative feelings of the patient toward the therapist or treatment, and inappropriately use various techniques are also associated with poor treatment outcomes (Sachs, 1983). Unethical and incompetent therapists can certainly do a great deal of harm to their patients. For instance, sexual relationships between therapist and patient can be damaging (Apfel & Simon, 1985; Gabbard, 1994). Patients seeing poorly trained therapists or therapists who offer only one type of intervention applied to all types of problems are associated with poor outcomes (Singer & Lalich, 1996). Patient, therapist, and patienttherapist fit must be taken into consideration prior to beginning psychotherapy in order to minimize potential harm to patients. Psy-
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