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Assignment operators You can use the assignment (=) operator to assign a value to a variable, as in the following:
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lated with higher severity of injury. In a related study, Van Mechelen et al. (1996) stated that persons who reported vital exhaustion, which represented more feelings of depressed mood, malfunctioning, apathy, and anxiety, were more likely to sustain an injury. They hypothesized that people in such a state may have exhausted their physical and mental resources and will respond inadequately or suboptimally to the physical and mental strain of sports participation (p. 1177). In other promising personality research, results indicated that some type of aggression, anger, or dominance measure is related to injury risk. Fields, Delaney, and Hinkle (1990) found that runners scoring high (e.g., more aggressive, hard-driving) on a Type A behavior screening questionnaire experienced significantly more injuries, especially multiple injuries, compared to runners scoring lower on this measure. In recent Type A behavior research with a large sample of Japanese collegiate athletes (N = 2,164), Nigorikawa et al. (2003) found that athletes who rated high on Type A behaviors experienced more injuries than athletes with lower ratings. Personality data from Thompson and Morris (1994) indicated that high anger directed outward, but not inward, increases injury risk. Wittig and Schurr (1994) concluded that being toughminded (i.e., more assertive, independent, self-assured) increased the likelihood of more severe injuries, but not the occurrence of injury. They conjectured that an athlete with this type of personality profile might take greater risks and, therefore, incur more severe injuries. Earlier research by Jackson et al. (1978) and Valiant (1981) revealed the opposite (i.e., tender-minded, dependent players received more injuries). Van Mechelen et al. (1996) determined that more dominant persons ran a higher risk of sports injury than those who were less dominant. Dominance was defined as self-reliance, trying to be or play the boss. Similar to the other researchers, they offered the possible explanation that dominant persons tend to play more central and more intense roles in sport situations and assume more risks to achieve their personal goals than persons with lower dominance. The apparent contradictory findings point to a general problem in personality research. Many personality variables (as measured by a wide variety of instruments) generally do not account for much variance in almost any outcome one wishes to measure. The personality variables included in the Williams and Andersen (1998) model, however, were chosen because they appeared most related to sport and stress. Some of the previous studies were atheoretical, not guided by models, and had somewhat shotgun or fishing
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Update the Undo button UndoButton.Enabled = True UndoButton.Caption = Undo Case Change End Sub
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followed by all odd hop frequencies. This process allows for better distribution of hop frequencies within a given segment. The hop selection kernel for the 79-hop system is chosen based upon the scheme shown in Fig. 5.10. The 23-hop system is nearly identical except for the modulus numbers and the deployed permutation algorithm. The inputs to this scheme are denoted by letters in Fig. 5.10. The X input determines the phase of the hop segment. The Y1 and Y2 inputs are used for selecting either master-toslave or slave-to-master transmission. The A, B, C, and D inputs are used to determine the ordering in the segment. The E and F inputs determine the hop frequencies. The rst ADD box is a modulus addition. This is modulo 32 for a 79-hop system or modulo 16 for a 23-hop system. For the XOR operation the four LSBs of the rst addition are modulo 2 added to the AM_ADDR bits A22 19. The permutation operation involves switching either four or ve inputs to get either four or ve outputs for the 23- or 79-hop system, respectively. The second addition is also modulus addition. However, this addition is modulo 79 for a 79-hop system or modulo 23 for the 23-hop system. The output of the
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protocol without adding any new message type and without modifying the communicating procedure. The simulation models for these schemes were developed, and the experimental results indicated that our proposed schemes greatly outperforms the standard IEEE 802.15.4 implementations.
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where K 1 is the inverse of the X covariance matrix, associated with the node of the hidden C layer. Given n vectors (input data) of p samples, representing p classes, the network may be initiated with the knowledge of the centers (i.e., locations of the samples). If the j-th vector sample is represented, then the weight matrix C can be defined as: C = [c1, c2, , c3]T so that the weights in the hidden layer of j-th node are composed of the center vec-
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