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Cell Sources for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
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Although the optical sensors all use infrared light, some digital cameras can see that light. Turn your Roomba over when it s on and point your camera at it. Through the electronic viewfinder you should see the glow of LEDs.
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Figure 1.1 The Open Workspace menu option.
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Individual, Group, Family
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Here we shall begin to look at ways of including source credibility in the learning process. We assumewe have a collection of possible sources of content, S {S1,. . ., Sn}. In this situation, we associate with each source a value C(j) 2 [0,1] indicating the agent s current belief about the credibility of content provided by source Sj. This information is stored in the belief system of the agent doing the learning. We can denote this as a vector C. Consider that now we are in a situation in which the kth observation is provided by source Sj. We now provide a form for our updation algorithm (I) that takes into account the learner s perceived credibility of this source, C(j). Here Vk Vk 1 a C j rk 1 ak dk i Vk 1 i Ic
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General VBA modules. You never put event-handler procedures in a general (that is, nonobject) module. Class modules. Even though the event-handler procedure must be located in the correct module, the procedure can call other standard procedures stored in other modules. For example, the following event-handler procedure, located in the module for the ThisWorkbook object, calls a procedure named WorkbookSetup, which could be stored in a regular VBA module:
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Testing a movie 361
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through sensory, chemical, and physical measurements. They can be performed on batter or on the nal product. Most of them are off-line measurements performed in a laboratory. Rapid measurements can be performed at-line (e.g., water and fat content), but few on-line measurements are available.
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Convolutional Codes
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