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force after internal temperature reach 70 (Ritchey and Hostetler 1965; Bouton et al. 1976, 1982; Leander et al. 1980). However, other researchers have reported a decrease in shear force values at temperatures between 50 C and 60 C (Davey and Neiderer 1977; Hearne et al. 1978). The different observations could be associated with temperatures being evaluated. Bouton et al. (1976) reported
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Just click the Toolbox button that corresponds to the control you want to add, and then click inside the dialog box to create the control (using its default size). Or, you can click the control and then drag in the dialog box to specify the dimensions for the control. When you add a new control, it is assigned a name that combines the control type with the numeric sequence for that type of control. For example, if you add a CommandButton control to an empty UserForm, it is named CommandButton1. If you then add a second CommandButton, it is named CommandButton2.
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Dry sausages are made from a mixture of frozen pork, beef, and pork fat. In addition, these fermented products contain sugars, salt, nitrite and/or nitrate, and spices. Fermentation is a crucial phase of sausage production, since the major physical, biochemical, and microbiological transformations take place at this stage (Lizaso et al. 1999; Villani et al. 2007). All these transformations, which are in uenced by the microbiota, the ripening conditions, and the ingredients, have a considerable effect on the sensorial quality of fermented meat products. These changes can be summarized as follows: decreases in pH; changes in the microbial populations; reduction of nitrates to nitrites a; formation of nitrosomyoglobin; solubilization and geli cation of myo brillar and sarcoplasmic proteins; proteolytic, lipolytic, and oxidative phenomena; and dehydration (Casaburi et al. 2007). Knowledge and control of the bacteria present in the batter and involved in the fermentation are essential in terms of the microbiological quality, sensory characteristics, and food safety. In the last decade, numerous studies on the ecology of traditional fermented sausages con rmed and extended the knowledge, especially in terms of technological lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and Gram-positive catalase positive cocci (GCC+), (Aymerich et al. 2003; Corbi re Morot-Bizot et al. 2004; Giammarinaro et al. 2005; Rantsiou and Cocolin 2006; Urso et al. 2006). The LAB species most commonly
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14.5.1 The Java Message Service (JMS) Platform
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To specify the Stage size in pixels, enter values in the Width and Height text boxes.
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Reading from the Registry
example of this one can consider the result of a Galileo project called AGILE that carried out this kind of work and ended up with a classi cation of applications as shown in Fig. 11.6. Thus to date, LBS are mainly directed at the professional sector that wants to nd industrial solutions with guarantees of services, and also recreational activities where the abovementioned limitations are acceptable. Of course, this constitutes a real brake to the development of the LBS. The main applications are then mainly due to the integration of telecommunication services with the positioning capabilities of a mobile device. Thus, when available, the terminal s location is used to reduce the search domain for weather information, points of interest selection, or to help to nd friends. In other cases, the availability of the location can also modify the human machine interface by skipping some pop-up screens (the assumption is then that the request concerns the immediate geographical environment of the user). As a rst conclusion on LBS, one could state that today s LBS are largely oriented towards the integration of location into telecom services and are not
he five chapters in this part cover additional topics that you may find helpful. 26 presents information regarding compatibility. In 27, I discuss various ways to use VBA to work with files. In 28, I explain how to use VBA to manipulate Visual Basic components such as UserForms and modules. 29 covers the topic of class modules. I finish the part with a useful chapter that answers many common questions about Excel programming.
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