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Figure 17-4: You can quickly create an ad using a template.
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disciplinary practices that are affecting these shifts. The rst section considers factors that are contributing to the tendency to assign cultural considerations a relatively peripheral role both in social psychology and more generally in the larger discipline. The second section provides an overview of some of the earliest traditions of cultural research in social psychology, highlighting respects in which this research, although groundbreaking in many respects, did not seriously challenge this tendency to downplay the importance of culture in psychology. Finally, attention turns to the core assumptions of cultural psychology, assumptions that highlight the need to accord culture a more integral role in basic psychological theory. Downplaying of Culture in Mainstream Social Psychology Signs of the peripheral theoretical role accorded to cultural considerations in social psychology may be seen in its being downplayed in major social psychological publications. Textbooks typically either leave the construct of culture theoretically unde ned, treat it as the same as the objective environment or social ecology, or approach it in an eclectic way that lacks conceptual clarity. Likewise, basic theory tends to be presented without any reference to cultural considerations. Culture is treated merely as a factor that in uences the universality of certain psychological effects but not as a process that must be taken into account to explain the form of basic psychological phenomena. One example of such a stance can be found in Higgins and Kruglanski s (1996) recent handbook on basic principles of social psychology: The only citations for culture in the index with only one exception refer to pages within the single chapter on cultural psychology by Markus, Kitayama, and Heiman (1996), rather than to any of the other 27 chapters of the volume. In the following discussion, we argue that this downplaying of culture in social psychology re ects to a great degree the tendency to conceptualize situations in culturefree terms, the embrace of an idealized natural-science model of explanation, and the default assumption of cultural homogeneity that dominates the eld. Culture-Free Approach to Situations A key contribution of social psychology if not its signature explanatory feature is its recognition of the power of situations to impact behavior. Such a stance is re ected, for example, in a series of classic studies; salient examples include the Milgram conformity experiment, which demonstrated that to conform with the orders of an experimenter,
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Type: Insertion 2 5
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Part II E-Mail Security
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Sub DisableCell() CommandBars( Cell ).Enabled = False End Sub
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Provide short (but complete) answers to the following questions. 4.1 How many alternatives exist for joining three tables together How many alternatives exist for joining four tables and ve tables together Can you extrapolate from these numbers to arrive at the number of alternatives that can be used to join N tables together 4.2 A four-site system has tables R, S, T, and M stored as depicted in Figure 4.35. The user is at Site 1. Assume each row of any table that has more than one column can be sent in one message. You can also assume that a one-column table can be sent in one message. Also assume that the cost of sending each message is C units of time. There are no costs associated with sending commands. What is the cost of (S JN R) JN (T JN M) if S JN R and T JN M are done using semi-join and the nal join is done normally Make sure you show all steps and cost of communication for each step. 4.3 Assume the four-site system shown in Figure 4.36 the table distribution and the query tree that prints all information about the employees who work for the engineering department and have an account in a branch in the city of Edina. Also assume the user is at Site 2. Let s assume that 40% of accounts are in branches in Edina; 50% of employees work for the engineering department; and 10% of employees who work for the engineering department have an account in a branch in Edina. If each row being sent from each site to any other site takes C units of time, what is the communication cost of the optimized query tree (results must be displayed to the user) in terms of C Make sure you show individual step s cost and the total cost. Assume there is no cost associated with sending the commands. 4.4 In the four-site system shown in Figure 4.37, the user is at Site 1. We need to print all information about all sales persons who have accounts in a branch in the city of Edina. We know that 5% of branches are in Edina; 10% of all accounts
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Install the software and con gure the card: Sometimes Windows detects and con gures a wireless card without asking for additional software, but it is always a good idea to follow the instructions provided by the card s manufacturer and install the special software that came with the card. Typically this software includes updates and utilities that make the installation easier and enhance the card s performance. For more information on installing this software and con guring a wireless card, see 5.
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HISTORICAL NOTES The idea of mutual information and its relationship to channel capacity was developed by Shannon in his original paper [472]. In this paper, he stated the channel capacity theorem and outlined the proof using typical sequences in an argument similar to the one described here. The rst rigorous proof was due to Feinstein [205], who used a painstaking cookiecutting argument to nd the number of codewords that can be sent with a low probability of error. A simpler proof using a random coding exponent was developed by Gallager [224]. Our proof is based on Cover [121] and on Forney s unpublished course notes [216]. The converse was proved by Fano [201], who used the inequality bearing his name. The strong converse was rst proved by Wolfowitz [565], using techniques that are closely related to typical sequences. An iterative algorithm to calculate the channel capacity was developed independently by Arimoto [25] and Blahut [65].
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The Range property also recognizes defined names in workbooks. Therefore, if a cell is named Input, you can use the following statement to enter a value into that named cell:
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XML-RPC versus Perl APIs
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Moderate DOSAGE Curvilinear
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