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Part II Understanding HTML 4
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In whatever manner a particular risk assessment is framed, the key to risk minimization lies in eliminating the source and/or breaking the pathway. Source elimination tends to be more easy to achieve for sur cial point (as opposed to diffuse) sources of groundwater pollution. Physical removal of a pollutant source may be feasible in the case of small scale spills or LUST (see Section 9.3.3); in the case of old land lls or extensive bodies of contaminated land, it may be more appropriate to t the source with an impermeable cover, and possibly also to inject grout to impermeabilize the soils beneath it, to prevent any further release of pollutants. Breaking the pathway between a source and a receptor generally requires either in situ or ex situ remediation. 11.5.2 Ex situ remediation technologies The principal ex situ approach is pump-and-treat, in which one or more pumping wells abstract the contaminated groundwater, and conventional water treatment technologies are used to strip the contaminants from the water before it is
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Guard ring p (single ring) p =n-well ( oat) p /NW/DT inside p /NW/DT outside p p /DT/NW/DT inside p /DT/NW/DT/DT out
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contribute to accidents on the road or at work. Individuals with insomnia are more than twice as likely as good sleepers to report fatigue as having been a factor in their motor vehicle accident (5% versus 2%; Gallup, 1991). More than 50% of night workers acknowledged having fallen asleep on the job at least once. Sleepiness has also been implicated in several major industrial accidents (e.g., Chernobyl nuclear accident), all occurring in the middle of the night. Although these accidents are probably related more to sleep deprivation than insomnia per se, it does highlight the potential impact of lack of sleep on public health safety. The prevalence of insomnia and the apparent chronicity and morbidity of this condition lead to the important question: What are the costs associated with this condition Direct costs include the cost of all products used (prescription, overthe-counter, natural, etc.) and consultations for insomnia symptoms. Indirect costs of insomnia include those related to work absenteeism, low productivity, poor job performance, and accidents. Individuals with insomnia complaints report greater functional impairments, take more frequent sick leaves, and utilize health services more frequently (Leigh, 1991; Mellinger et al., 1985; Simon & VonKorff, 1997) than those without sleep complaints. The total cost for substances used in the United States in 1995 to treat insomnia was estimated at $1.97 billion (less than half of this was for prescription medication), the total of all direct costs being estimated at $13.9 billion. If indirect and associated (e.g. accidents) expenses are included, the total cost of insomnia in the United States is estimated as between $30 and $35 billion (Walsh & Engelhard, 1999). These gures are very approximate because they are usually based on retrospective estimates or on available databases (see Chilcott & Shapiro, 1996; Leger, Levey, & Paillard, 1999). Prospective and longitudinal studies are needed to measure more accurately the costs of insomnia.
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TBCD_TICS. Identifies the trackbar tic marks. A separate NM_CUSTOMDRAW notification is sent by a control for each item in that control. This gives the parent window the chance to customize every part of the control s appearance. For example, assume an NM_CUSTOMDRAW notification sent by a trackbar control with a dwDrawStage value of CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT and a dwItemSpec value of TBCD_TICS. This means that the trackbar control is notifying its parent that the trackbar is about to draw its tic marks. The uItemState member of the NMCUSTOMDRAW structure specifies the current state of the item indicated by dwItemSpec. The following state identifiers can appear in this member. Not all values necessarily have meaning for all custom draw controls. For example, CDIS_CHECKED has no meaning for a trackbar, but does for a list view control that includes the LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES style: CDIS_CHECKED. The item is checked. CDIS_DEFAULT. The item is in its default state. CDIS_DISABLED. The item is disabled. CDIS_FOCUS. The item has focus. CDIS_GRAYED. The item is grayed. CDIS_HOT. The item is under the stylus/pointing device. CDIS_SELECTED. The item is selected. The final NMCUSTOMDRAW member, lItemlParam, contains any application-defined data that may have been previously assigned to the control item by the application. For example, list view control items are described by LV_ITEM structures. One of the LV_ITEM members is lParam, which can be used by applications to associate data with items. List view items participating in an NM_CUSTOMDRAW notification would send their lParam data in the NMCUSTOMDRAW lItemlParam member.
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A Boneless whole lamb shoulder (Lean 90% and fat 10%) Sprinkle 0.2% salt Shape Vacuum pack in regular vacuum pouch bag Freeze at 5 C Dice using a band saw to desired size and shape Individually quick freeze at 20 C Package in foil laminate bag Store frozen at 20 C Evaluate B
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When the application frequency increases for MMIC applications, under a constraint of a constant reactance, the capacitance of the ESD protection will be scaled. At 100 MHz, 1 10 pF of capacitance is the acceptable loading for ESD protection networks. At 1 GHz,
Unions have a vested interest in maintaining an adversarial relationship between workers and management. Thus instead of being cooperative and committed to organizational goals, union members are inclined to regard management as the enemy. And, incidentally, in unionized plants, I have found that managers are inclined to regard union employees as the enemy a rather poor situation in which to engender cooperation and commitment. . . . [T]he desire of many progressive companies to stay non-union because of the costly work rules often associated with unionism provided for many opportunities for the employment of I/O psychologists. (Herbert H. Meyer, personal communication, July 20, 2000)
password. It is important to note that this basic authentication mechanism does not prevent the interception and manipulation of the body of the HTTP messages. On the contrary, with basic authentication, your private information is sent in clear text and is easily interceptable by common tools such as sniffers. It is a nonsecure transaction. The basic authentication mechanism gave marketers a way to monitor users behavior and shopping trends, which facilitated the growth of e-commerce on the Web. On a sidenote, HTTP/1.0 did not prevent authentication and encryptions mechanism from being used to secure access of transmitted data. Such protection usually requires the establishment of a secure HTTP connection, typically through the use of the secure socket layer (SSL). The many additions and improvements to HTTP/0.9 turned the protocol into the most popular and dominant protocol of the Web. In fact, by the time RFC 1945 was released, HTTP/1.0 had already been deployed by thousands of Websites and used by zillions of people (with no exaggeration!). Along with this success and popularity, there emerged issues and problems that drafters of the RFC did not plan for or expect. These problems encompass . Lack of control in caching the content . Inability to continue with interrupted transfers . Need for persistent connections in order to avoid server overload and faster loading of Webpages . Design mismatch between byte-oriented TCP stream and message-oriented HTTP . Exhaustion of IP addresses . Poor level of security . Miscellaneous problems with headers and response codes for different methods Such issues and others pushed the IETF to work on the next HTTP RFC in order to x, improve, and nd solutions to some of the abovementioned problems. Hence RFC 2068 was born and soon followed by RFC 2616.
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